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Please be patient! Suggestions will be uploaded as soon as possible.
Please Note: SECRET CODES will not be uploaded without a translation.
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Eat FuFu Pronounced (FU-FU)
Faith Ansahqwmbazikwambedeji (GHANA)

Start dancing and singing randomly in the middle of the parking lot.
Unknown (United States)

Take my girlfriend to McDonalds
Rastaman (Jamaica)

Go to school in the wrong uniform.
Yousif Hujaij (U.S)

Meet me
Cool guy (Wherever you want)

talk to a stranger in a foreign accent/language
Jordan Boswell (Botswana)

1. Host a bake sale!
2. Only eat pink food for a week
3. Balance on one leg for two hours (with no break!)
4. Be nice to a person you hate
5. Only speak in rhyme for a week
Angharad (UK)

On the lifthill of a roller coaster, look behind you (not in the back seat), scream for a split second, then look forwards and pretend nothing happened
Erik (America)

Fall in love!!!
Angie (Hong Kong, China)

Annoy your little brother/sister.
Dani (United Kingdom)

I want to apologize to all the people whom I have ever abused or hurt personally. Not just by my words but because of my actions.
Shizza (Pakistan)

Write on the site "101 Things To Do".
Me (Bulgaria)

Go through the drive thru the wrong way and order a cheese burger without the cheese.
Run around your neighborhood screaming in a bikini.
Madison (USA)

burp over an intercom
onlina (USA)

Walk up and kiss a stranger

Have a food fight
Boryana (Belguim)

To walk down the street with a couple of friends and see this random guy walking, then 10 seconds, you and your friends SCREAM and drop to the ground, and watch the other person drop to the ground and sit there until the realise it was a prank. Lol Happy Days
Priyanka (England)

Take photos underwater
Bening Damardjati (Indonesia)

Talk in another Language for a year, even at school to annoy your perants and teachers, only tell your best friend the language so they can talk it to.
Beth (Englandd)

Meet Josh Franceschi, Meet Oli Sykes, Meet Ronnie Radke, Meet Ian Keaggy,
Meet Ryan Follesé, Meet Jamie Follesé, Meet Nash Overstreet, Meet Ben Bruce,
Meet Danny Worsnop, Meet Alex Gaskarth, Meet Rian Dawson, Meet Jack Barakat,
Meet Zack Merrick, Meet Adam Young, Meet Charlie McDonnell, Meet Dan Howell ...
Poppy (UK)

Enter a new school
Nik (GB)

Make Ice Cream Out Of Ice
Lucinda (Scotland and Proud To Be)

Go fishing and catch 10 fish
Lucia (england)

Get married!
Muhammad Haykal (Indonesia)

Play with your brother or sister(in make a difference)
Caitlin Webb (England)

Try to be in the history books
Billy (Australia)

Build a lego house / Make ure own aftetshave/perume
Reece (Scotland)

Run into a supermarket and ask someone "what year is it?" when they
tell you shout " it worked!!" then run out cheering
Leanne (Ireland)

Try not to swear for a year
Keyleigh Mchugh (England, Leeds)

Go to a different country that speaks english and start talking irish so
they think you dont speak english and then they will start saying stuff
openly but little do they no you can understand them
leanne (ireland)

Make 20 prank calls
Daniel (kansas city)

Meet Ian, Nash, Jamie and Ryan from Hot Chelle Rae :)
Poppy (UK)

#1. Save the world your own way.
#2. Be an accidental backpacker.
#3. Learn the thing that you hate the most.
#4. Take an unusual picture of your mates.
Sabrina Ayodra (Indonesia)

Do not talk for a week !!!
Saudi Arabia (Jeddah)

Sky Diving*
Sayjal (USA)

Read a whole Encyclopedia in one go.
Daniel Joiner (United Kingdom)

Experience an Earthquake.
Alan Gamble (Australia)

Run everywhere. Take pictures of yourself with all the cameras in the supermarket. Protest about something* Go up to someone and give them a tenner. Play basketball. Read a book. (Anon)

Read all the 101 things to do books 400000 times in one day
Alice (Ireland)

1.Learn to shuffle.
2.Create a dance competition and the winner chooses a person to tell his/hers biggest secret e.g: Who do you love?
3.Have more kids than you thought
4.tidy up your room and be dressed in less than one minute popular in your school for ONE DAY!!!!!!
Nazarena Vignatti ((Argentina))

I think maybe add a snowflake making one.
Jade Saphire (USA)

Say the same random word at the end of each sentence for a whole day.
I, for example, said Unicorn.
MadJunkFiler (England)

Talk on the phone 'til all ur credit runs out
Noah (Australia)

Become a Superhero/Evil Genius,wear a costume and save/destroy/enslave the Earth
Noah (Australia)

Put a cat in a cannon and fire it into Outer Space ... NYAN CAT STYLE!!!
Patrick (Ireland)

Fall in love
CeeJay (England)

Marry the person you love the most or a celebrity!
Georgia (England)

Kiss 10 people you like
Ella (South Africa)

Married a stranger
Cynthia (Indonesia)

Invent a completely new thing.
Daniel (United Kingdom)


Eat ice cream for breaky
Sam (United Kingdom)

If I'm old i would dig for some gold!!!
Bon (Thailand)

You could rearange your room in ten minutes or stay out in the garden all day without coming in for a potty break
Niamh (your biggest fan) (Ireland )

Watch all the seasons of you favorite TV Show! That include all the special episode too!
If you want to have a extra challenge watch all the movie if they have anyone too!
Kent (Norway)

Learn 10 of your favourite songs
Teach somebody else those 10 songs
Go up the Eiffel Tower
Make 1000 paper cranes for luck
And most of all love your life and live it!!
Ella (England)

Cut 50 oignons without crying
spot a UFO
Eat your favorite sandwich in space
Break a world record
Write an email to a school in a different country
Have an ice cream named after you or somebody you know
Tthink of 101 things to do in the holidays because i have no more ideas!!!
Megan (again!) (France)

When editing a particularly boring history book, to incorporate
(somewhere where it really does not belong), the word 'bum'.
Anon (you know why) (Norfolk, United Kingdom)

I think you should make more girl-liked things to do.I'm a girl and i love this book but some things I can't do – you could include things like have a family game tournament. place in a race, things like that.
Bailey (America)

Mischief: Knock a door ... and run
Douglas (England)

#1 get a star named after you
#2 street perform - busking, juggling, miming
#3 tick off each 7 wonders of the world you visit
#4 bungy jump the highest bungy in the world - not just any one
#5 skydive
#6 drive or get driven in a race car or professional drag race
#7 learn an extreme sport - motorcross, snowboarding, etc
#8 make a Queens Guard in London laugh
#9 horse and carriage ride
#10 hitch-hike
Chloe (Australia)

Travel in a hot air balloon.
Go to the North (or South)Pole.
Megan (France)

Ride the worlds tallest coaster (Kingda Ka)
Use the morse code in a letter
Make a new friend
Get sponsored for something
Get an strait a's (pluses and minuses are allowed) in school
Hip (US)

Wear your clothes backwards for a day and see who notices first.
Rachel (The United States of Armadillos)

Excersise every day for 10 days
Make a late allowance box!
Do all the things to do before youre old and boring TWICE
Hip (UK)

Be awesome for just ONE DAY!!
Issy (Australia)

Justin (China)

Do a crazy stunt! (Such as a bungy jump)
Be the most popular person for a day
Teach your pet to do a cool trick
Go camping
Pat an animal (with out being bitten)
Jaime (New Zealand)

Zack (Ireland)

Save the World
Stealth Boy

Suppport a footy team

Be sucked into a black hole
Emily (UK)

Pretend that you fall asleep in the bus until the bus come to the end
station and driver have to wake you up
Tinka (Slovakia)

101 Things To Do to Beat a Super Villain * * * * *
Shhhh (England)

Go up to your crush and kiss them under surprise!
Hug your favorite teacher randomly!
Hug 101 people in one day!
Stay in your room for almost the whole day!
Don't fight with your brother and sister for a week!
Let your mom and dad boss you around for a whole day!
Go shopping at Wal-Mart at night!
Rebeca Mathad (USA)

Be a dare devil for a day
Karen (USA)

Keep a journal entry everyday for 10 years
Peter (USA)


Dylan (Unknown):
invent a new word *
visit 21 countries in total
Become a superhero * * * * *
Become a supervillain * * * * *
Eat 21 diffrent cheeses in one week
Become an alien

Anon (Unknown):
Kiss your old granny, (even though you don't want to!)

Hanz (Unknown):
Tell someone you love them
Write a un published book *
Help a homeless pearson * *
Get a furry pet
Stroke a lion/tiger/bear
Reunite with old friend/family member

Anon (Unknown):
Kiss a boy!

Laila+Tilly (England):
B nice 2 someone u don't like

Hamad (UAE):
To be model

Amelia Tyrrah (Ching Chong China):
Jump out of a plane when you are 99 (just before you die) without a parachute

Emily (UK):
Overcome a fear. For instance, I am terrified of height, so I want to go
bungee jumping. Though that could be the death of me...

Syd (France):
Be vegan for one year

Shae Egan (Bunderburg):
Stay the night at a haunted house alone!

Alex Benn (Cumbria, UK):
Start all over again

Fife (UK):
Create a fake person and (enter it in) a staring contest

The Guardian (Unknown):
Do a backward roll down a hill
Read 10 books or more in a day
Dye your hair bright green

Jude (UK, England):
Invent something interesting ...

Bungee Jump off a plane in the Alps ;)

Kiera (South Africa):
1. Save someone's life.
2. Get revenge on someone whos been nasty!
3. Have a 5 layered cake for your birthday/party!

Ruairi (Ireland):
Beat a high score in a videogame.

Esther (England):
Prank your parents! (and blame someone else if they find out!)

Alex (United States Of America ):
Invent Cat People
Invent the new dessert
Laugh out loud in Church

Chris (Bristol, UK):
Don't put off anything anymore

Anon (UK):
Go Camping
Meet an unusual animal
Go Scuba-Diving *
Make a disgusting sandwich and eat it- also take a photo of your creation!
Travel 100 Miles in one day
Learn to dance
Learn a Language **
Help some one everyday for a week
Draw a self portrait
Host a Sleepover **
Get a Pet Dog
Meet Royalty
Have the funnest day EVER
Make up+Cook a fantastic meal **
Room Makeover

Nicole E (USA):
Make up nicknames for people

James (England):
Prank someone

Mieh (France):
Quack at random people

Alice (France):
Wear your PJ's to work ALL DAY. See everyones reaction to your new sense
of style. (hope you have classy pyjamas)
Dye or highlight your hair in every possible color (You may choose to dye your hair different colors at different times OR you may choose to be a colorful rainbow head) All up to you **

Tipparary (Ireland):
Break the Mario Bros. record
Fly like a bird
Perform a drum solo
Eat a whole sheep without stopping(without the fur)

Jack (England) :
Skydive from an airoplane *

April (United Kingdom):
Juggle something dangerous.....well take classes on it first......Amaze your freinds and family.....

Emily BS (England):
Swim with dolphins *

Kiera (South Africa):
1.Save somebody's life *
2.Run all the way around your school's property
3.Build a house that you could fit in... But ONLY made out of cardboard!!!

Rachel (Ireland - The emarld isle):
Start singing really loud in an elavator or stand in the corner and talk to your self or whenever someone comes on the elavator say: "'Bing' hello and welcome to the elavator, i hope you will enjoy your ride to the ground floor. thank you for riding with the elavator." Ha.Ha. lol
Put a pin on someones chair and wait for them to come and sit on it!! soo funny
Learn to surf (or at least have a try)

Rachel (Spain):
Go out in the street looking as weird as you can. Example tights in the
head, double sunnies, pjs jacket, bare foot ... ;]

Yasmine (USA):
Yell you idiot in a shopping mall really loud and see how many people turn
around and point to some guy next to you, try to film what happens

Charli (England):
Post a video of you making a sandwich on YouTube and see how many hits it

Rhudz (Spain):
Have a room makeover!!!

Daniel Zimmerman (United States of America):
Write a Song: Come up with a tune and add some lyrics. Make it meaningful
or silly.

Kathi (Austria):
Make an exhibition

Lauren Hannah Brabiner (Bolton, England):
i app love ur books there welll mint xxx

Loomariee (Scotland):
Criket ball

fmccool (Ireland):
Become the collest person ever

Anon (Unknown):
In a room, suddenly point at something and scream; OH MY GOD LOOK!" Then
run away screaming

Tiame (United Kindom):
To be a famous singer

Eliz (England) :
Jump on a horse

101 (UK):
Tour the whole world

102 (UK):
Be a millionaire

Yasmine Boumaiz (US):
Not talk 4 a whole day

Alba (Indonesia):
Eat 30 burgers in 30 minutes

Amber (Far far away):
Go to the mall without shoes, just your foot!

The goddess of mischief (Neptune):
(Learn) how to hustle ...

Kailey (United States Of America):
I would like to know how someone becomes smart

Zaza (New Zealand):
Have fun

Tlcmac (USA):
Get a enemy * * * * *

Hat Colquhoun (Enlgand!!):
Kayak down the Colarado river!!

Zeena (United Kingdom):
Star in a film

Asghjkkkkkkkk (Mars):
Eat 50 bagels in a row

Fmccool (lreland):
Visit the 7 wonders of the world

Josh (Scotland):
<This site is> Something to do

Grayson Sillers (USA):
Pretend your house cat is a ferocious tiger that has been eating people and have a full-on hunt trying to catch it! (trust me, its fun, i did it 2 hours ago ;)

Aven (Ireland):
Kiss up to your teacher

UK (NZ):
Bungy jumps

Pranav Daryanani (Yeah, I know it's pretty long...) (Hong Kong):
Drink Directly from a cow's udder. Have a snow fight with your best
friend. Learn a foriegn language fluently and eat the worst possible dish
from that culture

Grrrr! (UK)
See an actual erupting volcano (and not just the invisible ash cloud that you can't fly in)

Nicole (USA):
Quack like a duck.
Bounce like a bunny.
Bark like a dog.
Meow like a cat.
Turn around twice
Then rub your tummy and rub your head at the same time while hopping on
one foot
Eat 100 hot dogs and run in the neighborhood saying I ate 100 hot dogs.

Sam (Party in the USA):
Finish this book in 1 year and become a math bainiac in 1 month

Charlie (Charlie land!):
Have a whole oppposite day!!!

Elizabeth (Australia):
Get outside!

Amber (England):
Own a farm, Learn another language, hold a spider without screaming, Swim with dolphins or Go to Singapore!!

Katie and Neve (England):
Make a tent and turn it in to somyhing realy cool.

Bethy ***** (England):
Wow what can i Say I LOVE 101
GO 101

Blooms1112 (phil):
Kiss your boyfriend

Mandude (england):

Nooby (Nowhere):
Be lazy • Don't eat porridge • Nobody is cleverer than Einstein • Have a death party for dead people

Connie (England):
i live in England my name is Connie - Do things that kids in Australia like to do

The bomb (England):

Ayamih (America):
Learn how to build a mini rocket.

Adrian Parker (England):
Build a new hydro-powered supercomputer capable of almost everything!

Loner in love (Loner Land):
Build an igloo

Bradley999 (England, United Kingdom):
Play Call Of Duty

Hahaha yes (Canada) :
Make a home-made face mask
Die your hair a crazy color
Start a bug zoo
Dress up in an outrageous costume and make-up, then go shopping and be a very needy customer (I need to see all your pants)
Laugh so hard you cry

Olivia (Nowhere):
Tell nathan pinhorne that jessica edney loves him

Rosedragon (Dimension 28):
If your science teacher does disections leave a sticker/pencil/ext. on there desk saying something about disection (try PETA)
Refuse to speak for a day
Learn to flameco dance :)
Put a KICK ME sign on someone's back then tail them all day and record the amount of kicks they get :)

Birthday cakes that are very big

Beth Pitkin (England (the best country lol)):
Definitely seize your life and go on a dumb television show

Uny (HK):
101 Tricks to play on your teacher • Kidnapped by an alien

Maccy (UK):
You could make 101 things to make and eat

Joelle Manfield (Bristol):
There Should Be A Cinimas In Bath Bristol x

Jordan (Ireland):
In public,shout out something as loud as you can like
"Oh my god look!" then point at a random spot and run

Syah (Indonesia) :
Singing with full volume in the library

Someone Special (US of A):
Turn into a vampire
Graduate college
Get a good job
Travel around the world (with my bff)
Jet ski
Tell Brennan (my crush) i love him
White water raft
Meet Robert Pattension

Jodie (England) :
(Play) blinds man bluff

Melanie Cheung (China Hong Kong):
Knock your neighbours' doors and run away before they open it. Try again after they close them.

The frog (planet ziggzogg):
Support a made up footy team for a whole season! Grass FC?

Keith(Northern Ireland):
Eat a foreign food! Ecch!

Robert (South America):
I shoud be awesome.

Your Local Niamh (Scotland!!):
Kiss a Donkey!
Go in a submarine!
Build a house
Grow a garden for midgets like elfs.
Design an outfit then make it and wear it out!

Chloe (America):
Yell hey stupid and see how many people turn around, and hide behind a trash can

Thief (Stupidland):
be so stupid thaat your neigbors here you a block away.

Doreen (South Africa):
I do not think that just because Im old, Im boring. Your title could possibly have been thought out a bit better.

Mystery Girl (Jupiter):
Eat a dog

Babii (England) :
Don't use anything electronic for a week.

Elisa (USA):
101 things you need to figure out!

Bekah (United States):
Get the dictonary writes to put the word awesomer made into a real word with a defenition!

Síona Rox your (brand-new for wearing in a lift) sox! xxx

Lozz Claydon (England):
Get an A4 paper fold in half then pput in water fror 1m mintes then in frezer

Annoy people in lifts. Here are some examples:
Salute and say "Welcome aboard" whenever someone gets on.
Grin at another passenger and then say "I've got new socks on!"
Make racing car noises whenever someone gets on.
Open your bag and peer into it, saying "Have you got enough air in their?"
Do this before you're old and boring!!!

D (England, UK):
Be old and Boring

A (UK):
Lose 20 Kg in a month
put strange wild makeup and then go out with it
find your true love

Nina (Earth):
Do cheering out side if u are a girl

A Person (Somewhere in the World):
What Should I do on my B day?

Paige (highcliff):
Say Hi to the word

Max (New Zealand):
Play soccer

Winnie (USA):
It's a very very good book I love it my mom and dad even supports me to
read this book! it's amazing!!

Evie and Jenny (Mars):
1.create your own webshow
2. start a gang
3. start a really weird fan club for bobs
4.make up a new slanng word

Eat blue cheese everyday for a month

Gurtrude and betty (England):
1. learn to fly
2. drink from a cows udder
3. become a film star
4. become the queens butler
5. stick a beetroot on your head and walk around london

Cassie L.(Arkansas, USA):
Make up a dance thats crazy,cool,and flat out fun.then preform it on stage
at your schools talent show.(if you dont have a talant show at your school
then preform it in front of alot of people).

Stephanie (England):
To annoy others in a LIFT everytime another passenger boards the lift
salute them.

Sophie Aged 10 (England) :
Give your bedroom a make over

Clermont (USA):
Let loose... be fun and CRAZY!!!

Roisin England (but i'm Irish):
Be proud of your heritage. Learn about it and go
to a parade, such as the St Patricks Day parade

Lucy Tong (England):
Slide down the bath
go in diuguise pubilicly

XXX (Myanmar):
Make something good for the world

Poghog (England):
Go cycling somewhere you've never gone before

Kossy25 (England):
Get on youtube

Watch every single episode of Barney

Peter (USA) :
Color all of the "America's Favorite Crayon Pages at under
coloring pages

Danman (Ireland):
Win the world cup for my country*

The 5 girls who have done it all: (THE FREEDOM COUNTRY)
make a restraunt, in your house. invitee all your friends. and get
reciepes off line**

MJL Rudd (U.K):
Go to the most haunted house in the world and stay there night and day
until you see a ghost**

Santa (Latvia):
Listen to music extremly LUOD!
And sing(scream) along!!!

David (England):
Live wild and hunt animals

Leanne (Natural History Museum):
Visit our Butterfly Jungle!

JL (Denmark):
Visit Asia, north america, South america, europe, africa and australia and
oceania (or mayby antarctica)

Matthew Ward (Deal):
Have fun for once! AND DON'T STOP!

Sacha Belle! (USA, NC, Charlotte):
Get a contract with Ford modeling agency, become an inspirering engineer
then become either ambassador or president of one of my three countries of
citizenships !

Basically Change the world into a better world- impact millions of lives
in a positive way !

Lily (America):
Go shopping • Make up a dance • Go to a beach • Go camping • Go cineams • Make up a song • Make a booklet about yourself • Go to your local Libary • Baking • Swope clothes with ur mates

Marissa (Mo.):
Play on the computer

Ellie n lyn (bangladesh):
me and lyn think that before we die....we should buy some scooby doo
modelling clay (69p at stationary for less ) and make a house with a
garden and a unicorn :D ooo yess....sounds spiffing doesnt it

Me (next door):
Catch santa on camera

KK (U.S.A.) :
Get a lots of friends and run up and down the streets acting

LLL99 (England) :
Eat snails
Laugh all day (DO NOT STOP LAUGHING)
get on youtube

Anon (England):
Go to blackpool pleasure beach!

Izzy (UK) :
Build a table by yourself • Play football for a local team and win a hatrick

Lee (Alabama):
Make a new word that no-one has ever spoke before

Peter (USA):
Send a chain letter

Alexander (Scotland):
Eat a pigeon whilst skydiving

Steph (Literaria (my micronation)) :
1] two words: tandem parachuting
2] make a spiderweb (get your mate, and throw a ball of yarn to each other
from across the room. tape to random spots. dead fun)
3] bake something with no recipe and eat it. (cookies are your best bet
for this one)

Meaw (BKK, Thailand):
Finish all your series

Elle (England):
Make a magazine monthly and sell it

Steph (England):
Dye your hair pink for charity - if you use the spray on you get the added bonus of it turning your face and neck pink too!

Keith =D (Northern Ireland):
Stay in your room for 1 week without leaving it!

Valerie (Singapore):
Play the computer for one whole day without a break

Cezza (Melbourne):
Be crafty

Atl (America):
1. grafitti all over city
2. Write a bunch of weird letters to important companies
3. Be rich
4. Street race
5. Go to tokyo
6. Go into mall and start yelling on top of lungs

Windy (Singapore):
Write a book like this!

Give your cat a mohawk

Your mom (Your house):
Dinner´s ready!!!

HAVE SOOO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chrystal O'Neal (America):
I have one thing in mind and that is go to some exciting places for some
examples: go to the zoo, lakes or waterfalls, any museum, or anything else
you can think of.

Fred (Adeilade):
Go bowling

Kristis (Lithuania):
Destoy something what is important to you and than be sad all day.

Ricky H (Reading):
Build your own mini-golf course

May (England :D):
Rule the World! XD

Owen (ENGLAND!!!):
Start a country

Cassie (Oswego):
Go to the pool but my mom wont let me

The booklover (bookworm city):
Finish this book

Mia (Austraila):
Do 100 push-ups

Sonya (England):
Just things to ammuse

Keith(United Kingdom):
Be on TV

Lizzy :D(England :D):
Ski down a black run in skiing but try not to fell over

Alina (Russia) :
Do all those things u would remember when u're old so that ur life
wouldn't be useless and empty

Helen McKeever!! (Ireland woooooooo):
Complete this book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hackne (england) :
build my own website

Mabel (Belgium):
Kiss the queen

To travel all around the world in one day

Hackne (England):
Build my own website

MYWORLD (Milky way):
1.Own Another world and own Earth
2.Rule Scotland

Hockeymad (SCOTLAND):
Play hockey for SCOTLAND!

Charlie Chomponchocs (Candy mountain):
Go into town and stand on a bench singing "we will rock you",
Go into macdonalds and order everything on the menu then eat it all,
Ride a bike round town in your underwear,
remove all the light bulbs in your house
make a noise below the window,then hide!

Learn 2 play and instrument

What is a sixth sense

Me (america):
Master making paper aroplanes

Anais Attwood (United Kingdom):
Well you could tell secrets and have your own mini buffet

Jordan (USA):
Go to a foren country

Amy (Ireland):
Marry a CELEBRITY!!!!! • BE HAPPY!!!!

April Massie (England):
Jump out of an aeroplane

Billy joe thorton the 23rd (USA):
Ready for this????? Lick a cow TWICE

Touch a bug that you are really scared of

J (Nederland):
Leer Nederlands! (Learn dutch) XD

Emer (Ireland):
1. Paint your bedroom a colour that your Mum doesn't agree to.
2. Draw pictures on a wall.
3. Learn to rollerskate.
4. Learn to play 'Ode to Joy' on the keyboard.
5. Win a prize for art.
6. Write your own book.
7. Go to Hawaii.
8. Research on your grandparents
9. Get a part in a play
10. Eat lot's of icecream.

EP: (Scotland):
Be naked outside for over an hour

Sage (US):
Play an unofficial sport / Prank call every single person in the phone book.

Jayne Craig (Manchester, England, UK) :
Visit over 30 countries in the world and to also hold lion and tiger cubs
to also ride on an elephant
swim with dolphins
have a world record
prank call somone

Ali (Iran):
Having enough power to change every thing

Titali (Iran):
Go sky diving

Keiko Kawaguchi:
Compile a CD Mix for a friend. Rules: You must find songs with titles that feature every day of the week (Mon to Sun) and every month (Jan to Dec)

Sofia (Romania):
Win a international skateboarding contest.

Alessia (England):
Gossip about boys in school,like me thinking abot my crush.and talk about
the latest fashion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zoe callander (UK):
Make a photo copy from a photo copier

Lily Moore (England):
Do nothing.... actually sit around make a cake, or like i have just done
AND now i am really bored make a bookmark!!!

Emilie Christine Roglinator (Brazilia, BRAZIL!!!!!):
Add a few fish topics to your list, some kids enjoy making finger puppets
with the heads of the fish. After you make them, make a play about dead
toe nails and then eat the fish heads! bonet' ba teit!

Do a flip

Anon (Unspecified):
Play a prank that involves running round in circles and singing a weird

Bradley(United Kingdom):
Prank call someone

Susi (England):
Learn to do a handstand • go stargazing

i love cheese (not really):
love life and live it to the full (and don't forget to send me

some random saddo (saddoland):
emigrate to japan

run up to random people and ask for your family back.

Italy (China):
Demolish your school.

Kathy (United States):
Buy a dress you cannot afford, wear it out and return it the next
day----Send a message in a bottle out to sea that has the last page to War
and Peace attached!!

Nicola (UK):
Buy the book '101 things to do before your old and boring' and do the tasks !!

Shove a cake in your friend's face when they least expect it! • Inject a doughnut with mustard and then watch your best mate eat it!

Have a movie day!! Go to the cinema and watch at least 4 movies one after the other!! (don't forget to buy lots of popcorn!!)

Jodie Cherrill-Burroughs(UK):
Learn to do a backflip

Make a prank call to a company

Phil McCracken(UK):
Run outside in your granny's knickers!

Hugh Jass(UK):
When you're next up town, shout out random peoples' names until somebody
turns round!

Mini Pichufan (Freya):
Buy an unlimited pass to the cinema and see movies, non-stop for a
whole weekend (basically go into the earliest showing, go home at the end
of the last showing and do the same the next day) • Swim with sharks • Go on holiday for a month • Make prank calls for a whole day telling them they have won a contest • Run up and down escalators • Set a world record • Complete all of the '101 things...' series • Do all of the things that other people have listed • Read all of the books in your local libary • Finish all of the zelda games • See flyleaf live (NOT counted as tv) • Stuff yourself for 48 hours (i am not held responsible if you throw
up) • Watch the princess bride its a good film • Travel to the otherside of the world (even if the otherside of the world is the middle of the ocean) • Keep a pet bird (cockatiels are really nice i have one =) lovebirds are cool too!)
Thanks for reading my list =P


Gemma Parnell (England) :
Visit lapland at christmas

Anonymous (Unknown):
Ride a camel I had the chance when I was a kid, I got scared and didn't
do it, and now I regret it • hold a lion cub in your arms

Slug squidly(uk) :
Race some snails.

No Name (No Country):
Protest against animal cruelty

James Maxwell (UK):
Write DUNCE! on your parents head, and see what they say • Write to the goverment or your local mp • Make a pain of your self talk to your mates backwords in what
ever language you speak • Listen to music non-stop for 2 days on the run • Get an upside down christmas tree for christmas day • Jump out of a plane with a parishoot or bungey jump

She (Turkey):
Date with a chinese guy!

Sxuatz! (United Arab Emirates):
Go Under
a water fall!

Sxuatz! (United Arab Emirates) & Taylor (New Zealand):
Swim with Dolphins!*

kayleenoel97 (USA):
To eat 30 or more worms and make your friend do it in 1 min

Cooookie lover xXx (Narnia.. :)) :
Run up a DOWN escalator!!!!!! well funny people give you right evils
though! :) **

Smexiibeast (WHOCARES?):
Prank call someone at 10:10 and when they awnser say "it's ten ten make a
wish" "i wish for a pony" u might think its stupid idea but it's pretty fun when you do it. WARNING: if they get mad i am not held respondsible (that happened to me)

Mister X (UK):
Own the biggest collection in the world* **

Invite your friends over and make your house a Spa.

Ian D (UK):
Swim with sharks*

Anomynous (UK):
K iss the blarney stone at blarney castle in ireland and see the northern
lights and see machu pitchu the temple in peru

Ian D (UK):
Swim with sharks*

Katie (UK):
Dive to the titanic on board a submarine

S tarbucks (N.Ireland):
Ride a horse

Jenkins (Gotham City) :
start an argument with a random person in the street
claim to be somebody famous
get in the guinness world records*
Bungee jump*

Toby Joseph (U.K):
Invent a time machine that works and lets me find out the
secret behind every history and the future

Alice (planet x) (wonderland):
Go to petra city or travel around the world • Go to seacamp
in pine key florida its awesome

Suggestion Master (England) :
Watch TV for 24 hours or over and have fun looking at stuff with your
square eyes afterwards!

Suggestion Master (u should know by now):
When every one is asleep (about 1 or 2 in the morning) go into your mum
and dads' bedroom or your big brothr or sister and scream as loud as you can!
P.S. use fog-horn for best results.

Meee (my bed) :
Make a new friend and make them your best friend in less than a month

Suzanne (Bedfordshire):
Meet Mick Jagger

Chezywin (Russia):
do the splits

KingaFarts (Mars):
Fart on the london
underground in rush hour!

josh (the TARDIS :]):
Can u pls make a book called 101 things to do when you're bored

Alby (England) :
I would like to be a spy because it's good

Keele University(England):
Run on the ceiling

Lily (England):
E at 6 teaspoons of sugar some coke (or ne other fizzy drink)and something
else that makes you hyper and go and annoy your mum and dad

Me (england):
Accidently meet someone on holiday

Shannon (united kingdom):
invite a friend over and have a girly sleepover

run around in your pjs and then smother em with chocolat

dankemax (Germany):
Break the limit: Stay up for 48+ hours.

KY (London):
Drink my weight in gravy

Leila (Australia):
et a job and make a fortune

Ghostgirl (I wrote the Gordan Brown one) (ghostland):
My suggestion is to run outside naked and waving a flag saying "IT AIN'T
RUDE TO BE NUDE! (Hi eve from eveland, come on this website and SPEAK!)

Mr dumb head (America):
Eat 23764 donuts in a week. i did and i threw up. aren't i clever!

Mr lightning nerd (Parlez vous Anglais):
Make your own lightning!!!
(i haven't found out how to do that yet but still workin on it)

i've done a lot of things i bought the book "101 to do before
you're old and boring" and im proud

Jasmin (Canada):
Climb a tree way up high and stay there all day. Also plant a tree and
watch it grow as you do.

Ghostgirl (the real one!!! you fakers)
(ghostland (i like eve from eveland's suggestion)) :
Send a letter to Gordan Brown telling him to ban:
2. little brothers being annoying
3. Vegetables
4. Homework - If he says no then go on strike

Holly S (England):
Go on a cruise, there amazing !!

Mr friendly nerd (Gymnos):
Boast about anything and see if your friends stay friends!!!

Eve(Eveland) :
1. Roll down an ENORMOUS hill
2. Eat so much ice-cream you get brain freeze
3. Go see a concert.

Mr codehead (pyramus cave, hamletsville):
Learn backslang and be able to speak it really fast (like me)

Haza (Australia):
Make a paper aero plane

Learn how to use a diablo!&#9786;

Loz (uk):
Eat somethin u ave never tried bfor

Build a treehouse

kid master (usa!):
Grow up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr Shrimpy (shrimp land):
Eat shrimp heads

Jodie (Jupiter) :
Have a birthday which is on your street. I've done it its soooo fun and
everybody on your street can have fun too!

Becca (Earth) :

Eat every single food in da world!!

Ella (England) :
Go Diving With Sharks!*

Katey (USA):
Go to a huge new years cel
ebration !!!!

Matthieu (France):
Learn how to do a flip, on a trampoline or a diving board

Montgomery(UK) :
1. Build a treehouse
2. Go rock climbing
3. Hang glide
4. Feed the animals in a zoo (ignore those stupid signs)
5. Build the biggest LEGO tower in the world
6. Be hypnotised
7. Survive for a week in the wild
8. Put a KICK ME sign on someone and see if anyone kicks them
9. Fill a bath / paddling pool with a drink of some sort and swim in it
10. Invent something useful

Natalia (England):
Visit each continent!

Jessica, Rebecca & Tom (North Wales):
Tom : Go skinny dipping like my dad did!
Jess: Ave the best time ever innit man! Do what tom sed!!
Becca: Go skiing

Larie (luh-ree) (England):
Get married

Make a scene in public (faked or not your choice) e.g. Breaking up with
someone, do something embarrassing, etc.

Cherrylicious and Eveline-rose (England)
Do the macarena in the city centre • in a lift with other people, drop a pen and don't make any effort to pick it up, when someone bends down to pick it up shout "HEY that's mine!"

Underground (Earth)
Write da 101 things you need to do ... and so on ....~~ lol

Carlson (Not telling) :
Nahp o wannoka eh o dullfa lrol kaln lu ohulrav suihlvx

G o on the world's scariest roller-coaster

Ella Baker (England)
Sky diving* • invent something new*

Desire (USA)
Go skydiving*

delilah (USA) :
E at a peanutbutter and bacon sandwich. just toast bread and put
peanutbutter on it, then put the COOKED bacon on it and enjoy!

! (!) :
Play a(n outdoor) game inside

Saffron (england) :
Go out with your

See a real lif
elike merman tail flipper like in the movies

Namira (Indonesia) :
Tell them more 'How Do You's. I love the wheelie trick!

Jillian (Canada) :
Go to a concert in the rain. soo much fun!!!

Casey (California) :
Prank someone big time!!

hawaii(usa) :
Eat 20 hot dogs in 3 mins
Skateboard and learn new tricks**
Play world of war craft
Go swiming with a shark*

soul(south korea) :
eat pizza all day with hot sauce

st charles(illionis) :
Dare some of ur friends to eat the hottest hot sauce

amelia(england) :
Eat cheeeeese and jelly in a sandwich yum its really good plz try it

lexie(usa) :
Do what u all ways wanted to do

Eddie007(U.L.K) :
Make a back garden Dunk tank

Lexy Hudson(UK) :
1. Visit Antarctica before the ice melts*
2. Run a marathon*
3. Write a best selling novel*
4. Become fluent in a second language*

Svetlana (Russia) :
Go kayaking! it's really fun

Amelia (England) :
I'd like to train a pet to
do really cool stuff

Sara (USA) :
Get a star named after you or a friend *

Caitlin and Elizabeth (Australia) :
Have a makeover

Caitlin and Elizabeth (Australia ) :
Play these games: Monopoly • Scrabble • Apple on a Stick (hand game) • PIck up sticks • Red Rover • Tiggy • I spy • Bingo • Guess who

ToonLink 25 (Keenan) (Richmond BC) :
Play Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Zelda: Twilight Princess, and Super Smash
Bros. Brawl

Charlotte the popularrrrrr.(UK) :
make them a card and tell them how much you like them as a friend ur right down memories together

Fiona (Northren Ireland) :
Learn to ride a horse/pony • Show a goat

Yawar(USA) :
Pass 1'st in a race * • Pass a video game in one hour!

Bla (england) :
Snog someone you hate - yes i mean you yug!

????? ??????? (The U S of A):
1. Learn to Dance
2. Start your Autobiography
3. Discover the Meaning of Life
4. Invent the Funniest Joke Ever
5. Eat Something That's Still Alive
6. Rule the World

Learn to... ... do a 101 things to do before you'RE OLD AND BORING PAGE

Lola (S.A) :
Make a play with your friends. take a video camera and action!

Mary-o (USA) :
Start a spare change jar, then buy something fun when the jar is
completely filled

03456 (..) :
Make myself go into a signing club

Make a new rock move * * * *

Elizabeth (New York) :
Ask the hottest most popular boy in school out.

Carlson (U.S.A.) :
Complete all 101 th
ings to to before you're old and boring, all 101things
you need to know, and all 101 things you wish you invented PS: i still
don't have invented yet but i still want it that's why i put it there

James (U.S.A.) :
Go on a cruise.

Takethedamnbanana (England): Get ready for a lot..
1 Sample every flavour of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.
2 Invent a word and get it in the dictionary*
3 Run down a street (in summer) dressed as Santa - whipped
cream beard is optional.
4 Drive an ice-cream van to Disneyland.
5 Toboggan at night down the Swiss Alps.
6 Do a walking safari through the Masai Mara.
7 Go on every type of transportation in the world (in each capital).
8 Finish a Rubik’s Cube in 1 hour.
9 Swim with dolphins*
10 Drive a convertible car across a motorway with the top
down and music booming.
11 Ride a zebra.
12 Grow a super-sized vegetable.
13 Walk across the crater of a volcano (your choice of which one).
14 Learn to surf.
15 Prank call someone (someone you love or a teacher) sayin
they’ve won a million pounds.
16 Parasail over the waters of Mexico.
17 Climb the pyramids.
18 Stand in front of Buckingham Palace and play
‘God Save The Queen’ with an electric guitar.
19 Go on a spending spree in Harrods.
20 Deliver a letter via Owl Post (like in Harry Potter).
21 Have an eagle sit on my arm.
22 Do a mega-mess up of your bedroom and not get caught.
23 Make everything you say sarcastic for a whole day.
24 Have a massive laser-gun fight at QUAZER with everyone you know.
25 Ride a camel backwards.

Gibby Goos (England) :
Throw a paper plane out the window and see how far it goes

Cely, pronounced Sally (United States of America) :
Going bungee-jumping at least once

Eat a slug

Walk around with no pants on for a week

A person (heaven) :
See how long you can go for just saying no to everything and nothing else

PL (USA) :
Send a chain letter

Z360 (Kuwait Q8):
Eat something dis
gusting while riding your bicycle

Marshall (United States of America):
Put "Little Manhatten" on the watch these movies list

Amber (Rubbish Island):
Complete a Rubik's Cube and watch a season of Family Guy non-stop

Little Miss Naughty (England):
Kiss different things like:
- Dog
- Complete Stranger
- Sea lion
- Parrot
- Dolphin

Haysey (England):
Go karting and beat your friend

Matthew R:
Travel in the TARDIS!

George !!!!!!:
Make a queue think your a v.i.p to get to the front.

Go riding on a horse or pony,
It's fab, I go riding every week and it's the best!

To let a boy know i like him

Go all around the world and exploreKatie:
Have a waterballoon fight • Reveal your biggest secret • Sing in the middle
of the street • Make
one of your daydreams a reality • Throw a surprise
party for a friendKira!!!:
Pet different animals.
1. monkeys - 2.turles - 3.alligators - etc. etc.

Jodie S:
Kiss Different Things,
Example.: Snog A Wall, Kiss A Dogs Lips, Etc, Etc.
I Think It Will Be Entertaining To Watch

kiss your crush
marry your boyfreind or girlfreind

Little Miss Kathleen:
I think that you should create a club! something like a religious
club if you are religious, or trampolining club or something like that.
Get your friends to join and do assesments on them and stuff!

1.tell someone you've always fancied that you love them.
2.immatate someone for a whole day.
3.go to the beach and shout out for help while your
swimming then say that
you forgot to turn off your oven.

HUG A LLAMA!!!!!!!!!!
I love llamas

kiss a complete stranger!!


The incredible hulk:
Say to random people that you r the best or say u r in the guinness
world book of records for holding 30 teaspoons in ur mouth.

Sit on a beach and watch the sunset.

Save enough money to eat at a really nice restaurant

Admit something you have done

Make a T-Shirt with i'm with stupid on with an arrow pointing at the
person next to you

Visit Zambia and meeee! • Build an obstacle course.

Run in to your city center with your pjs on and run around looking for a
comfy bed to sleep on!

Claire Turner:
Bring a bop it game into an elevator full of people and when it says pass
it, pass in on to the person beside you. (it's funnier when you don't know
anyone in the elevator)

I think that that its Awsom!! im so happy about it but you must make a a
Web For use who have the book to talke about it

Boffin Kid:
Keep a diary
Create your own superhero and write a comic about them
Advertise a shop

fix something

1.Make ur own icecream!!
2.Scream SHARK ATTACK!!! at the beach.
3.Speak pig latin for a whole day (Take the first letter of each word send
it to the back and add ay e.g.Hello Ellohay)

Elise Gibson:
Make a super hero custume E.G dress up as a pirate or Batman!

Dubby dubby doo:
Do something for a charity that means a lot to you and have fun whilst
doing this!!!! <3 :-)

Go in a limosine

Draw a picture that gets into the state art fair

Chelsey Hardin:
Bring a teddy bear wherever you go and ask people where your mommy is

Tour the world & marry the best guy in the world

Eat interesting foods

Jamie Smith:
Make your own mini hot air balloon - no people required, just a balloon
and a basket and maybe a small figure you don't mind waving goodbye
to. Also go on a rollercoaster**.

Lewis Thomson:
Don't blink for 2 hours it is very hard

Sian Love Jamie:
Find a smarter way of doing something like making selotape stickier

Be number 1 in the world at any game

Make a portrait of yoursel

Get over somthing your scared of **

Wear 3-D glasses at a 2-D cenima and when the movie
has finished, complain about the graphics

Flo and Izzy:
Eat a bowl of jelly with chopsticks!

Talk about camels constantly to anyone- see how annoyed they get!

Ride on a camel

Go to a greek wedding and smash every single plate.

See the the moon and the stars

Go abseiling

Go to see the pyramids* • Travel the world* • Learn a different
language(fluently)*/** • Come up with a rubbish excuse for
forgetting your homework • Shock everyone with your talents •
Perform on stage*Nederland is de beste!: (The Netherlands is the best!)
Ga naar de tandartsen en niet schreeuwen! (Go to the dentists and shout!)

Get over somthing your scared of*

Point at a random spot in the sky and everyone will look up even though
there is nothin thereHelena:
Insult someone in a different language

Darien Veal:
Do A Big School Prank

An Organization leader at my school:
Destroy my ex gf bf



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