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-My real name is


-My alter ego name's


-I am ...


-My Power is


-My weakness is



PLEASE NOTE: All entries must be individually checked and verified for their superness and/or evilness and may take a little while to upload.



Gypsy is
Power: Jumping really high and using her Jump-Scooter.
Weakness: Anything she's scared of at that point in time!

Sydney is
The Air Racer
Power: Smart and Intelligent
Weakness: Overthinking

classified is
Power: Hand to hand combat, super smart, #gadgets
Weakness: classified

Amelia Wilson is
The Light
Power: Flight,super strength and speed and shooting consentrated light blasts from my eyes and hands.
Weakness: No sunlight to charge myself and getting myself torn in half. Literally.

GG is
G Girl
Power: Flying and invisibility
Weakness: I'm undefeatable

Alexandra Viney is
Power: jumping and flying
really high
Weakness: killing someone

Mirren is
Power: infinity wishes
Weakness: nothing

Dan The Man is
Dan The Man
Power: Can teleport to stressed dolphins.
Weakness: Water... Oh no.

Leo is
Power: Gravity control.
Weakness: atmospheres with a stronger gravitational pull that of my own.

Charlie is
Power: Very Clever at everything
Weakness: Scraping sounds

Lydia is
Black and Blue
Power: everything and reading minds
Weakness: judgement reading minds

Todd is
Power: none
Weakness: emotions

Rachel is
Blue Bird
Power: Batman fighting and detective skills.
Weakness: Making choices.

Tammy clark is
Power: Flying and power of nature
Weakness: Weed killer

Toni is
Power: Super stretchy
Weakness: Flat surfaces

Charlie is
Power: Lazers
Weakness: I Dunno

james thompson is
the raven
Power: stealth,acrobatics and flexibility
Weakness: short temper

Jordan Boswell is
Meteor Strike
Power: The power of the mind.
Weakness: My complete awesomeness.

Jordan Boswell is
Mr Awesome
Power: Being super silent
Weakness: Not being able to kill anyone or hurt someone really badly.

Hermione Granger is
Power: I am super brainy
Weakness: I study to much

Angharad is
Power: I can zap things and turn them into sushi! :D yum!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Weakness: IM C-C-CRAZZZZYYYY!!!!!

Charlie is
Skulduggery pleasant
Power: Elemental magic eg. Fire, water, wind and earth
Weakness: Anger

Buffy Warren is
Power: I am a natural born hunter, I have animal sensed and instincts, I heal pretty fast. I'm a little faster and stronger then your average girl. And sometimes if I can't control my powers I grow claws and fangs! Not a werewolf.
Weakness: I will do anything to keep my loved ones safe.

Natalie is
Nater Biscuit
Power: Make Biscuits
Weakness: Juicy Burps

S-la is
Angel (melek)
Power: Solving every math problems amd making people happy
Weakness: Bugs and bugs and BUGS!!!!

Michelle is
Power: levation
Weakness: maths

Tudor is
Capitain Supreme
Power: super strength,fligth,genius-level intellect.
Weakness: sad people,evil people,spiders.

Dominic is
Power: the force
Weakness: the force

Sol Savory is
Jack Marshal
Power: Fighting Evil And Kicking Ass
Weakness: Yo Mamma Jokes

Charlie is
Power: Kicking Ass
Weakness: Dynamite

Brandon Gethins is
Power: power and strength advanced speed and advanced karate ju do
Weakness: fists

Power: I'm so kind with people
Weakness: i can be easily hurt

Daniel is
Power: Shape-shifting, Parkour, Fighting
Weakness: Nothing... Except Video Games & Pizza

Parisa is
Power: Spreading laughter, happiness and music can also detect lieing
Weakness: my friends..........
and chocolate ;)

Gloria is
Power: Create an awkward atmosphere.
Weakness: sarcasm

Jasmine is
Power: Making people laugh with sarcasm
Weakness: m
y friends

Mombo is
Power: the powers of superman
Weakness: beef burgers

Portia is
Ace Girl
Power: super smartness
Weakness: homework

Jessy Gibson is
Sillhoutte (silly)
Power: Time travel, shape shifting, flying, levatation, control of fire, superplasma bolts and waves, super-smartness, superspeed, superstrength, invisability, telekintis, and a bunch of
other classified powers.

Weakness: Things that violate my nature. Spiders and stuff that are my weaknesses.

Latifa is
Power: Flying, jumping high, talking to animals, fast walking, X-ray vision, laser finger, never be fat
Weakness: Sweets, bugs

Anna is
Power: N/A
Weakness: N/A

Chuck Norris is
Really Cool Name
Power: Awesomeness
Weakness: My awesomeness will destroy the world.

Mikey is
Hopey jr
Power: super strengh
Weakness: girls flicking their hair

Stormy is
Power: Weather
Weakness: Hotcoco

Jenny is
PJ girl
Power: sleep
Weakness: the sun

Oscar is
Ya mum
Power: rainbows
Weakness: cheeseburgers

Chloe is
Power: The ability to throw fire
Weakness: Nothing

Charlotte is
Power: walk through walls
and talk to animals
Weakness: water

Hannah Carrick is
Power: Shooting ice balls
Weakness: Doing homework

Ella Pearson is
Power: Half girl, Half
fire-breathing robot
Weakness: Playing hide
and seek in the dark

Ali Naqvi is
The Nuetrino
Power: Smartness
Weakness: Stupidity

Irene is
Ocean Queen
Power: Controlling Water
Weakness: Cold Weather

Edward Aston is
Power: Everything
Weakness: Nothing

Luc is
Captain Aqua
Power: I have gills and
I can speak to fish
Weakness: Strong and
evil people on a team.

Ariella Cella is
Crystal Shadow
Power: The Balracn Stone, is a powerful Crystal handed down in my family for so long it's origin has been forgotten. One day, with a simple sneeze I unlocked the Stones potential. Now I use that stone, and with it have unmatched arcane and aether magic channeled through a the crystal on my staff.
Weakness: Being a user of arcane magic I am very weak to any of the dark forms of magic. Like Black, blood and demonic powers. . . . also Chocolate.

Isobel is
Pale Gold
Power: Power to adopt unicorns and be blessed by unicorns
Weakness: In a bad mood my unicorn might curse me... :(

Isobel is
Pale Gold
Power: Power to adopt unicorns and be blessed by unicorns
Weakness: In a bad mood my unicorn might curse me... :(

The Speedy Shifter is
Terry Blank
Power: Shape-Shifting
Weakness: number 13

Charlie Wilson is
The Illusionist
Power: The power of illusion
Weakness: I loose a nano power

Dana Kiebeler is
Power: Bacon
Weakness: Snakes

Lewis G Lovering is
Deja Vu
Power: I see the future in
my dreams.
Weakness: Nightmares

Ellie Moore is
Power: Code Manipultion
(Genetic, Computer, etc)
Weakness: By using my powers
I develop signs of the genetic code I removed or added to whomever
I did. I also develop seizures if
I manipulate computer coding.

Elementist is
Power: Elements
Weakness: Periodic Tables

Caitlin is
Comet Kitargo
Power: Cat-like agility, can put others to sleep with my magical mini piano
Weakness: Dogs & seagulls(my enemy).

Julia is
Super Julia
Power: A super fast runner
Weakness: candy

Masu is
Power: Awesomeness and throwing killer boomerangs.
Weakness: Getting hit by a killer boomerang (sometimes the ones that I throw myself.)

Winni Waffles is
Power: Magic
Weakness: Sun

Dragana Mustafic is
Power: Don't really have one, just trying to help the best I can. Oh, but I can throw a little rock at you and this stuff hurts a lot.
Weakness: Nearly everything. I am afraid of everything, really.


Joel is
Power: shoot fire balls laser eyes
Weakness: apecil

Euan isx
Power: Magic
Weakness: Nargles

Sam Hemmings
Power: Shapeshifting into anyone or anything.
Weakness: Nothing, cos i'm epic.

Khalid is
Power: Read your feeling and understand what you will do tomorrow
Weakness: Dark

Ethan Shannon is
Power: To do everything (and I mean anything!) and to help the superheroes fight super villains with my fangs that can kill you in one tiny bite.
Weakness: I have no weakness because my father EPICWOLFIE was a famous superhero (EPICWOLFIE still exists)

Babaa is
Power: I can change peoples mind so they will do ANYTHING for me.
Weakness: NONE!!!!!!

Lucinda is
Power: I can put out fires with my amazing water vision and can hold my breath under water for 1 hour with ease
Weakness: I have a fear of Cats

maximus marleyson is
Power: everything
Weakness: nothing

Klark Cent is
Power: Strength, speed, laser eyes, X-ray vision, too many to list
Weakness: Krypt-WAIT!!! WHY SHOULD I TELL YOU?!!

Olivia is
Power: Using Fire and Water elements. Good at physical tasks.
Weakness: Fear of spiders

Niamh is
Power: Blending in to my surroundings and sneaking around unnoticed. I stay calm in tough situations.
Weakness: My mind is often wandering and I think about too many things at once.

Lucia b is
Super Lulu
Power: i can fly, read minds and be invisible
Weakness: cheesecake as it makes my hyper

Clark Kent is
Power: Superhuman strength, speed, stamina, invulnerability, freezing breath, super hearing, multiple extrasensory and vision powers, longevity, flight, intelligence, and regeneration
Weakness: Kryptonite

Uli is
Super U
Power: Ice touch
Weakness: heat

Kya Johnson is
Power: Empathy
Weakness: Death

Archie is

Power: flying
Weakness: fire

Oxana McGuigan is
Power: The force
Weakness: Being wet

May is
Power: nothing I use weopons, espeically Blades
Weakness: Fire

Riana Nathasia is
Power: My sexuality
Weakness: Love

Travis is
Power: None. I rely on
weapons and skills
Weakness: kryptonite

Juliana is
Power: to use any superpowers
I want
Weakness: nothing because I am invisible

Drew is
Super Henry
Power: Genius-ness
Weakness: nothing

Nafisa is
Power: Cool Handstands
Weakness: A Stab Of A Knife

Hannah is
Power: run sooo fast. save the world. jump soo high and kill evil!
Weakness: The Saturdays

Vitumbiko is
Power: Telepathy
Weakness: anger

Poppy is
Power: i am extreamly hot and can sing and hypnotise people with my singing.
Weakness: Hot men.

Jack is
The Eye
Power: Seeing the future past and present
Weakness: If I see a rainbow giraffe then I pass out for 100 years.

Jamie is
Power: To make people Laugh
Weakness: Vegeatables

Emilee is
Power: Make balloon animals
Weakness: Popping balloons

Adinda is
The Inker
Power: Unusual fighting skill, Ink balloon rubber weapon, Detective skill
Weakness: Annoying correction fluid

julia is
Dani Sharpbash
Power: intangibility, freezing power, heating power, moving water, ghostly wail, ghost ray, telekinesis, invincibility. flying power, invisibility, immortality, speed, strength
Weakness: blood, wooden steak/bullet, silver dagger

Conor Wall is
Sean Brick
Power: Speed, stealth, mind reader, can fly, can turn invisible, intelligence
Weakness: Fear of heights and spiders

Sylvia is
Felis Lepus-Salix
Power: Driven by revenge, so doesn't worry too much about morals. REALLY annoys the enemy into giving up out of sheer annoyedness.
Weakness: Unfortunately I am the spare alter ego. Also, if I'm not careful I go back to Sylvia or worse, into Lutra...

Sayjal is
Power: Magic
Weakness: Tickling

Sylvia is
Lutra Salix
Power: The power of reasoning and thinking, to outwit (and seriously annoy!) any enemies! Think Foaly from Artemis Fowl but without the computer know-how. And the general centaur-iness. Possibly the annoying version of Artemis?
Weakness: Low physical fitness, overly literal, corrects people's grammar, monoglot, always checks facts (takes ages sometimes), rather gullible... And finally, ARTEMIS FOWL BOOKS :-)

Theo is
Power: Kung Fu master
Weakness: No compueter

Brianna is
The Breze
Power: Super speed after i was involved in an accident in which all adults disappeared and kids developed powers.
Weakness: ARROGANCE. Omg so stuck up.

Nathan is
Power: Telekinesis
Weakness: Heartbreak

Lotty is
Hyper Activity Girl
Power: Being mad & crazy
Weakness: No sleep or sugar

Undisclosed is
Electra Swift
Power: lightning & electricity
Weakness: Copper, Pokemon addiction.

Charlie is
Dramarta Boy
Power: Acting and doing art that helps people.
Weakness: Exercise

Maria Coates is
Power: Being so stealthy that you can't even see or hear me move
Weakness: I find it easy to give into temptation

Bill is
Power: Being a Norm
Weakness: Brocolli

Mike is
Power: I can sound cries so intense I scare villains away
Weakness: I cant go to the bathroom

Rocco Wu is
Lightning Fusion
Power: 1.Crime Fighting
2.Fast • 3.Stealth
Weakness: 1.Peanuts
2.Brightness • 3.Shrimp Roe

Zane Green is
Power: All the powers
Weakness: Criptnight

Kira Foster is
Shadow Warrior
Power: Controlling fire & darkness and can create force fields. uses a Samurai sword and a shadow bow and arrow. Can talk to animals and the wind and can control creatures of darkness such as Vampires / Werewolves and evil ghosts.
Weakness: Melt in the middle chocolate cake.

Nafiz Helmi is
Nao Hiro
Power: Kindness & Empathy
Weakness: Evil & Greed

Olga Pravdivaya is
Power: love
Weakness: lazy

Kim Moon is
Power: Manipulating water, fire & air
Weakness: Thunder & Lighting

Thalia Moonchild is
Power: Controlling the weather, stealth, weapons master; specifically bow & arrows & the niginata
Weakness: Poison Ivy

Lucy Hicks is
Power: To control the air and turn invisable
Weakness: Cabbage!
Dum Dum Dum.....!!!! :-o

Bruceman is
Power: None. Other than Superhuman strength, and a Photographic Memory
Weakness: Nothing

Fred is
Supa kid
Power: everything
Weakness: nothing

Ben is
a Superhero
Power: mind control
Weakness: N/A

Kelly is
Fire Rose
Power: Super intelligence, shotting fire balls from my hands, super speed, creating force fealds
Weakness: Cute things (I just have to pet puppies cats ect.) presher points and super spicy food

Bob is
Power: The ability to freeze time
Weakness: Cheese

Zac is
Power: Turn into anything
Weakness: Nothing

Rezhwan is
Long bottom
Power: The ability to perform any kind of magic, being able to fly on a broomstick
Weakness: Darkness, anything containing coconut

Ashleigh is
Power: Flying
Weakness: Nothing

Sydney is
Power: to fly
Weakness: alcohol

Takudzwa is
Power: invicibilty, superstrenth,flying
Weakness: french poodles

Elizabeth is
blue crystal
Power: everything
Weakness: nothing

Jenga is
Power: controlling the mass, size and gravity direction of anything!
Weakness: sexy women

Bruce Banner is
The Incredible Hulk
Power: Superstrength.
Weakness: Kind of dumb when Hulk and short temper.

Alice Rezhwan is
Long bottom
Power: The ability to perform any kind of magic, being able to fly on a broomstick
Weakness: Darkness, anything containing coconut

Power: TALKIN TO ANIMALS, being super loud, extreme happiness & ...
Weakness: Ice, quiet & sleep!

Hizir is
Power: I'm a master at using weapons like guns however i mostly use bullet proof swords
Weakness: Any sort of magnet however my side kick is always there to help

Cassi is
Power: To be wise and thoughtful and to be able to go back to the past and into the future.
Weakness: Hearing miscalculated math, reading ect. problems

Sam is
Power: Controling the weather
Weakness: Nothing

Paul is
Power: none
Weakness: shrimp

Syarif is
Power: water
Weakness: lightning

Noah is
The Blob
Power: My blobbiness
Weakness: My blobbiness (not very good for pretending im not a superhero)

Renee is
Power: making everyone happy/flying/becoming invisible
Weakness: need people in my team

öykü is
monster hero
Power: Being a monster (I have a lot of Powers became monsters)
Weakness: Tests about maths

Preyansh Kaushik is
Master Mayhem
Power: Sixth Sense, Smartness, Strength, Magic Power
Weakness: Heart Attacks.

Maria is
Power: cloning myself to trick people
Weakness: mirrors

Noah is
Black Cat
Power: Agility
Weakness: Water and/or small spaces

Patrick is
Pedobear JR
Power: Magic (Throw fireballs,freeze water, etc)
Weakness: Nyan Cat

Brianna is
Power: to be able to change my super power
Weakness: waking up early

Matthew is
Power: i can fly and have superhuman strength, speed and agility. i have hollow bones (like birds), enhnced breathing (for flight) and raptor vision.
Weakness: Claustrophobia

Ella is
Power: to have special powers to help children with problem to adults
Weakness: darkness

Gus is
Power: To turn Russian and save the world
Weakness: Not being Russian

Ranita is
Power: i have light power.
i can destroy every people who very bad.
Weakness: darkness

Ella Flatmingo is
Power: The bunny flop skid
Weakness: carrots

Carys is
Kitty 101
Power: To sleep all day
and party all night
Weakness: to wake up at noon

Sophie is
Factor 5
Power: To shapeshift
Weakness: TO eat

N/A is
Non-Applicable Man
Power: I am good at top trumps
Weakness: My arch-enemy. Captain Womballminbleather-aloralko... You know the one.

Ellie is
Power: To exterminate villians by summoning animals of any type to kill them
Weakness: Bananas

Clark is
Power: Flight
Weakness: Kryptonite

Madeleine P is
Blue moon
Power: Invisibility & freezing time so I can go back in time
Weakness: Venomous spiders

Mitch Kemp is
Josh Vidale

Power: Anything Anyone Can Think Of
Weakness: Nothing

Angela B is
Flash Breaker
Power: To manipulate lighting. Super strength(just above 25 tons). Super speed(mach 8). Limit Spark: A super form that boosts my strength ans speed by 5 times. I am also able to to summon a thunder beast that shoots a large beam of lighting.
Weakness: Limit Spark:Can only be used for an 1 hour. Bad insulators. Slime.

Syed Ahmad AlAttas is
Power: Control powerful weapons all over the world, a wizard in hogwarts, mix martial art and extreme sports expert...
Weakness: Beatiful womens which makes my heart melt and in love...

Sarah Payne is
Vanilla Thrilla
Power: Shooting vanilla ice cream from my fingertips and mind control
Weakness: Wine, Cheese, Mountain Dew and flying cats

Coco is
The Muse
Power: Inspiring people without their knowledge
Weakness: an Italian temper and a fragile heart

Lily is
Power: its in the name unknown
Weakness: spiders

Chloe is
Power: Pistols fully loaded with cherrys.
Weakness: CHEESE!

Amanda is
Power: The ability to break down doors/walls by just one knock.
Weakness: Vintage port & a well-dressed man

Lizzi Jones is
Elizabeth Staple
Power: Flying
Weakness: Chocolate

Lucy Hale is
Juicy Lucy
Power: I can fly!
Weakness: I get knackered

David Evans is
The Trousers
Power: To use a pair of smartly pressed trousers as a weapon rather like a boomerang.
Weakness: The need to remove the trousers prior to use as weapon

Miles Morales is
Ultimate Spider-Man (ii)
Power: As yet unknown...
Weakness: Intolerance, racism, plagiarism and possible poor taste.

Isabel is
Mr Tea
Power: Everything, including an ability to make and consume more tea than ever before. Lots of tea, in teapots. TEA.
Weakness: Nothing, except an inability to boil the correct amount of pasta for my needs.

Lawrence Rainey is
Hilda the Huge
Power: Enormous, bone-crushing hugs
Weakness: Paper doilies

James Spackman is
Power: Raising one eyebrow with improbable power. Lifting objects (crashed cars off infants and similar) with said eyebrow, possibly.
Weakness: Inability to disguise scepticism in conversation.

Jayson is
Power: to see into the past and to control all of the brain
Weakness: shots

Mike B. is
Power: To Create Cyclones From His Hands And If Weak Makes Himself A Wind Dragon!
Weakness: Foes Power Higher Then His.

Niamh is
Power: being really smart & flying
Weakness: books

Tara is
Sugar D
Power: Shoot out doughnuts at enemys!!!!! Transport anywere,Control water, light, fire and wind turn invisible and generate force fields.
Weakness: Clasical Music

TJ Boadu is
Hell Blade
Power: To turn my hands into blades made of iridium. My chest and torso also turn into iridium. Super strength (50 tons+), Super speed (Around mach 12).
Hybrid mode: Ability that allows my power to increase ten-fold. Speed + strength enhanced ten-fold.
T.K. (telekinises) mode: A limited abilty that allows me to move tings with my mind.
Weakness: Spiders. If I use TK too much I get headaches.

Classifide is
End of Evil
Power: everyone
Weakness: none

Lewis Lovering is
Power: mind-reading & I'm great with computers
Weakness: Being in large crouds

Emily Heath is
Ninja Squirrel
Power: To turn into a squirrel that CAN FIGHT NINJAS!
Weakness: Carrots and anything healthy.

The Sensational Armadillo Nfeqt is Carlos
Power: Power(s): Seventh sense, Bullet-proof
Weakness: Verbs

Stephanie Smith is
The Imaginator
Power: When an EVIL GENIUS (this means you!) is just out of reach, I can imagine myself going to their headquarters, beating them, and dragging them off to jail. It's then done.
It does have complicated restrictions, however.
Weakness: Reality shows and the metal iron pyrite

William Bell is
Dopey Accident Prone
Power: Being accidental
Weakness: Smart intelegent well organised people who are very careful when they do things

Harry is
Transparent Man
Power: Invisibility
Weakness: Automatic doors

Alice is
Power: that I am always awesome and that I can make anything invisable
Weakness: Ice-cream and jelly-beans

Sarah is
Phoenix Girl
Power: fire balls, shooting fire feathers, power of the all mighty Phoenix, and the most powerfulist power of all, the fire of the phoenix.
Weakness: poison and amphbian's.

Lorenzo is
Tetra Pak Man
Power: To turn villans into Tetra Pak
Weakness: Plastic

Jacob Edwards is
The Blue Badger
Power: Kung Fu and Super Speed, Night vision.
Weakness: Vegetables

Lucas is
Power: Turning into a tornado
Weakness: Snakes that had a special venom.

Elizabeth Baker is
Cupcake Girl
Power: Saving the world from sunken cupcakes and bad baking.
Weakness: My enemy's, Biscuit Boy, icing ray!

Kai is
Power: being a gun bang bang
Weakness: i run out of bullets really fast

A.S. is
Captain AS™
Power: I can stop time
Weakness: nothing

Austin is
Corbomite Boy
Power: can transform my body into corbomite
Weakness: unable to smell

Josie is
The Storywriter
Power: Whatever I write/draw will become true/come to life.
Weakness: none

Helen Shaw is
Helena Lady
Power: Stamina, super speed,
Weakness: temptation, anger

Daniel is
Power: Able to fly, shoot lasers, superpunch, superarmour
Weakness: Snow

George is
Power: i can fly & become invisible
Weakness: eating cheese

Jordan Rice is
Power: Energy absorbtion
Super Strength: (30 tons)
Super Durabilty: (low to med caliber firearm without injury)
Accelerated healing
Berserk Form: Use energy to change into a armored form. In this state all of the powers are greatly amplified (SuperStrength > 100 tons, Durabilty becomes Invulnerabilty), and new ones are added (Telepathic immunity, superspeed, flight, self sustanance). Can change partially.
Weakness: Both the ability to change into, and amount time I can remain in, Berserk form depends on how much energy I have absorbed. Same limit for my powers in normal state.
In Berserk form: My personalty becomes more violent, sadistic, aggressive, and generally unstable. The longer I stay changed, the more unstable and destructive I become. Different types of energy have varied effects (some are harder to absorb, effect my mind,cause discomfort and/or pain, etc.)

Mohammed is
Power: Bring peace to whoever is in my presence
Weakness: Technology.

Layth Saffarini is
Power: Pause time
Weakness: Pizza

Cooper is
Power: Shape shifting,flying,telekinesis and photographic memory.
Weakness: nothing

Ella is
Power: Flying and invisable
Weakness: nothing

Sandi Mcnabb is
Smiley (i♥u)
Power: Anything & Everything
Weakness: copper

Janet Wong is
Miss Annie Oakley
Power: Shooting, flying, horse riding, controlling electricity, sound, water, fire, ice & wind.
Weakness: Square dancing (MAO)
Reading (JW)

Lois Galletley is
The Pink-e
Power: The power of flight.
Weakness: Color Blind

Jamie is
Power: my sketches come to life, wields a giant ink pen that can be used as a sword.
Weakness: Erasers, tipex

Sharjeel is
Berlin Man
Power: lighting
Weakness: Jelly

Jaime is
Power: To control fire and electricity.
Weakness: Fire proof items, anything the electricity cant burn!

Olivia Andrews is
Lightning Storm
Power: Control over electricity and can use it to shoot electric balls and other cool stuff.
Weakness: Rubber.

Owen Evans is
Just a minute
Power: My Extremely dicombabulating vocabulary and choice of eccentric words.
Weakness: The amount of time it takes me too capture an evil genius because of my peculiar yet random rareity of saying spiffingly witty things before striking.

Umar is
Power: laser eyes and can fly
Weakness: fire

Stephanie Bennett is
The Bubble
Power: The ability to make people tell me more than they thought they ever would :)
Weakness: Popping!

Daniel is
Power: being able to control and create natral desaster.
Weakness: desaster warnings

Betsey is
Power: Whatever I need.
Weakness: Grass cuttings

Olivia Williams is
Power: Being able to make peeople live forever and to stop them getting hurt by clicking my fingers and all evil dissapears.
Weakness: I crumble when i see someone die.

Christophrey is
Power: Magnetism
Weakness: Chuck Norris

Satoshi is
Satoshi Kun
Power: Flying, Teleport, Disappear and Unvisible (or so)
Weakness: Good jokes

Caz is
Power: Flying & Telekinesis
Weakness: Spiders

Luandri is
Power: I shoot ice out of my fingers
Weakness: Ice cream

Koltyn is
The Talon
Power: Flight, Super Vision, Super Strengh
Weakness: Illnesses

Josh is
Stealth Boy
Power: Stealth & Karate
Weakness: Jokes

Minelka Montil is
Power: Invisibility, flight
and kung fu.
Weakness: Blushing too easily, guilt, but also my temper

Rhiannon is
Power: invisblity and flying
Weakness: scared of big cats

Leah Herbert is
Power: Setting things
on fire at will
Weakness: Water

Jamie Land is
Power: Soaking up water
Weakness: Fire

Tom Szirtes is
The Purple Arrow
Power: Supersonic flight
Weakness: Incontinence

Alice de Winter is
The Eagle
Power: I can fly
Weakness: I am allergic to pollen

Crow Pawn is
The Gardener
Power: Obssesive neatness and plant growing
Weakness: Get distracted by the plants sometimes...

Amaya Espinal is
Power: Uses Duct Tape to destroy her enemies.
Weakness: Pressure from swimming too deep underwater

Zori is
Power: Mind control
Weakness: secret

Ruby Harrison is
Lightning Girl
Power: See through walls and Change the weather
Weakness: Dentists

Kitty Harrison is
Power: Energy and spotty doggies
Weakness: Cruella de Vile and Olives

Taylor is
Mosquito Man
Power: ex ray vision
flying knowledge strenth
Weakness: Brocolli

Lauren is
Cute but evil
Power: ummm, everything!
Weakness: nothing, apart from worms, they give me the creeps.

Jane is
The Glitterator
Power: to fill the world with glitter and homemade objects.
Weakness: Millionaire Shortbread

Rhiannon is
Power: invisible
Weakness: scared of closed in spaces

Chuah Yi Ning is
Detective Chuah
Power: Cracking Codes, Solving Crimes
Weakness: Tidy up my room

Amy is
Surfer Chick
Power: To breath underwater
Weakness: bunnies

Joseph Riley is
Power: Kung-fu :P
Speed :D Agility ;)
Weakness: Tickling

Justin is
The Lost Hero
Power: Everything
Weakness: Flying cats

Yasmine is
Sushi eater
Power: I... umm... eat sushi and stuff the baddies mouths!!! So watch out all you evil geniuses!!!
Weakness: I get upset if those baddies... uhh... eat my sushi...

Fran is Gym Girl
Power: fighting off evil people with gymnastics
Weakness: baked beans. I lose my power if I eat them!

Z Bibi is
Cheeky no-it-all !
Power: flying and doing anything i want
Weakness: tomatoes

Emma is
Power: super strength
Weakness: cupcakes and running

Power: Tellikiness
Weakness: Kryptonite brekie bites (the healthy cereal for healthy evil

Batman is
Power: diguising myself as anything
Weakness: Water - it ruins my suit

Brittany is
Power: invisibility
Weakness: eating vegetables

Maisie is Bgyfhtrdgdesszdtffrhyihjyu
Power: being bored
Weakness: being happy

Ruairi Turbett
is Koslov
Power: Strength
Weakness: Lava

Derek is
The Secret D Man
Power: shooting bullets, jumping high, I can disguise myself as anything or anyone.
Weakness: any kind of flowers and butterflies

Dominic is
Super Dominic
Power: I have a golf club, flying metal wings with a jet, and shoes with spikes that come out so I can walk on anything.
Weakness: being weak {being bashed a lot}.

Elly is
Power: I can fly, go invisible,etc, etc i am the best hero eva
Weakness: NONE

Micky is
Power: Flying
Weakness: nothing

Hana is
Power: everything u could ever think of including turning into a
Weakness: nothing i am little miss invincible!!

Shakara is
Agent X
Power: fly, invisible and i can go through things
Weakness: homework and vegetables

Moa Benjaminsson is
Miss Mo
Power: Make peace
Weakness: Darkness

Esther is
Power: invisibility
Weakness: water

Lara is
Power: I can use my mind to control people and see into the future
Weakness: Justin bieber (i hate him)

Emily is
Weakness: have no weakness

.... is
Power: Freeze time, Flying,
Weakness: NOTHING!!!!

Kana Alam is
Power: Invisibility
Weakness: None

Charles Edward Finnian Smyth is Jaunty Dogstring
Power: Animal Psychology / Communication and the correct way to make a cup of tea
Weakness: Dub Reggae and
a well turned ankle

Emily is
Power: Shape-shifting
Weakness: I can't resist cheese!

Paul Nash is
Paul A-Nash
Power: 'The ability to be misnamed for five years.
Five long years.
Weakness: The letter 'A'.
(With or without hyphen.)

Clarissa Upchurch is
The Drawer
Power: crushing pigment
Weakness: being sat on by evil genius cats

Al-Hareth Mraish is
Power: breathing fire
Weakness: buckets of water

Robin is
Power: looking through walls
Weakness: none

Ricky Harrison is
The Country Music Man
Power: Three chords and
the truth.
Weakness: Billy Ray Cyrus

Natalie Hamilton is
Blacky Lamb
Power: Saving fluffy four-legged friends from human consumption
Weakness: Having my feet massaged

Louise Cullen is
Power: flying round the world
Weakness: marmite

Nadine Slater is
Power: laughing
Weakness: choclit

Ian Lamb is
The Baaaa-barian
Power: Sheep powers
Weakness: Sheepdogs

Gordon Kerr is
Chardonnay Man
Power: To be able to
drink a lot.
Weakness: Falling over.

Christos Angelos Dexiades is Christos Angelos Dexiades
Power: Cleverness
Weakness: None Whatsoever

Clare Faulkner is
Captain Nod
Power: Sleepwalking
Weakness: Pillows

Kevin Perry is
The Silent Assassin
Power: Lead guitar
Weakness: Cake

Helen Szirtes is
The Scribbler
Power: Synaesthesia
Weakness: Hungarian Paprika

Faustina is
Power: Telekinesis, teleportation, and
psychopathic stuff
Weakness: Nerds

Izzy b is
fairy flyer
Power: extreme flexibility,speed and super smart.
Weakness: unstable emotions.

Siron is
Power: Ray gun and card tricks
Weakness: nothing

Jade is
Lady Lighting
Power: Strike people with bolts of lighting and make mischief!!!
Weakness: Spiders!!!

Anastasis is
Omega Man
Power: Teleportation; telekinesis; regeneration and invisibility
Weakness: Alcohol and Nutella

Dehbia is
Power: shooting rainbow hair extentions and racoon tails out of my boobs and attacking innocent humans with scene kid music.

Martha is
The Nightmare
Power: Fear
Weakness: Happiness

Laura is
Agent Blueprint Willow
Power: Can turn into a spy
Weakness: eating far to much custard

Anastasis is
Omega Man
Power: Teleportation; telekinesis; regeneration and invisibility
Weakness: Alcohol and Nutella

beth is
Power: creating electric
Weakness: liquid

sdek is
Power: Laughing gas
Weakness: sad

Fay is
The F
Power: Evil. I do my cute eyes, everyone goes awwwww and then I strike...
Weakness: Other cute kittens

Skater is
The Darren
Power: The ability to sense superhumans, plus the power to rip away a superhuman's powers and use them for myself.
Weakness: Well, I'm not really that evil. I was pushed into the family business by Dad, so... Number of Crimes: 0(.1)

Ewan is
Power: Fire
Weakness: Snow

Laura is
Lauracilies the first.
Power: Hacking and alt deleting superhero's powers and finding out weaknesses. I can find out your weakness too ...
Weakness: Someone singing a sleepy song and cheerios

Georgia is
Power: Knows all stuff.
Weakness: Hitting something discovered recently and not yet added to my database (my brain!).

Dianisa Ferdina is
Power: super stalker, destroying
Weakness: cockroach

Mollie is
Power: Super Computer Hacker Genius
Weakness: No WiFi

Liam Doyle is
Power: Computer crashing
Weakness: No WIFI

Mother is
Power: To boss around
Weakness: Dad

Boryana is
Power: lazer eyes invisablnees
Weakness: nothing except spiders

Kate is
Power: to destroy every single city in the whole wide world.
Weakness: cats

Lim is
Power: destroying
Weakness: happiness

Kim is
Dr. Old and Boring
Power: making people
old and boring
Weakness: old people

Destiney is
Death Defier
Power: i can dodge death many times as a cat and i have x-ray vision glasses
Weakness: if its a cloudy day i look stupid in my xray vision/sunglasses

Charls is
Power: Cambiar los interruptores de lugar
Weakness: El bizcochito de las mañanas

Claw is
Power: I am a demonic entity, who eats human souls turning them into tentacles that sprout forth from my chest. I can also drain the life force of the living into blood magic.
Weakness: The cold and holy magic *shudder*

Ronna Paclibar is
The Paclibator
Power: Voice of a thousand decibels
Weakness: MEN

Ann is
Power: i prank everybody and blame it on someone else
Weakness: movies

Bob is
The Builder
Power: Fixing things.
Weakness: Cup of tea and a biscuit - it makes me stop working.

Sponge bob is
Power: To turn people into stone within a glance
Weakness: Can't help myself not to look in a mirror

Matthew Adams is
Power: Mind reading and mind control
Weakness: Not doing what i've been offered

Jamie Bailey is
The Hesk
Weakness: Sorry, I'm The Hesk. I don't do "weaknesses".

Shay is
Dr. evil
Power: Being super smart and too awesome
Weakness: Stupid people

Monty is
Power: To make fire appear
Weakness: Water

Benjamin marlowe is

Priyanka is
Death Cloud
Power: To do Everyhting and Anything (no joke). Toe be the overall epic one.
Weakness: Nothing cause i am tooooo good and tooo EPIC.

Lily is
Decius Gingercus Maridius
Power: Being Ginger and having awesome pow
Weakness: Vegetables

Solomon is
Power: Stopping time to deal
evil and spread it across the world
Weakness: Chives

Beth is
Power: I can change into a werewolf and I can read
anybody's mind
Weakness: Nothing exept
cold things

Edho is
High Greeny
Power: make all people laugh
and high
Weakness: dry season

Jonny is
Death by Cheese
Power: I am as stinky as cheese and my stink kills everyone
Weakness: Deodorant

Alden is
Power: to think up anything possible
Weakness: galactic supernova sucking black holes

nikita is
Power: invisibility
Weakness: none

Adrian Manoliu is
Power: Strength
Weakness: none

zain uddin is
Power: magic,including ice making ,fire breathing,earth controlling ,sand storming powers
Weakness: nothing,except diamonds and crazy hypo galactic ham burgers.

Muhammad Haykal is
Null Pointer Exception
Power: create everything with my imaginations
Weakness: I'm too good to be true

Sam is
Power: Hacking electronics, telekenesis, teleportation, being awesome
Weakness: Nothing cos im awesome

Atom Ant is
Evil ruler
Power: I am the ruler of everything evil, I can read minds and I know the future *evil smile*
Weakness: My head explodes when I think too much!

Bhavik is
Twisted-Ghost Man
Power: Walking through walls, going invisible
Weakness: Brussel Sprouts

Charlie Cox is
Ice Princess
Power: Mind control and shoot ice lasers out of my eyes
Weakness: For me to know and you to never find out

Kon is
Power: to publish every
one to books
Weakness: libarys

Sasha is
Miss Darchy
Power: Power of the darkness
and people's fear.
Weakness: Light and kindness.

Lily is
Power: 1. I can electricute all my enemies & I am extremeley brainy
Weakness: I sometimes electrecute people I don't mean to. Not that I care >:)

Anastasis is
Power: To control all space,
time and reality
Weakness: Carbets

Poppy is
The Great Mwahaha
Power: To control people's minds, eat masses of cheese and make people have nightmares
Weakness: Shampoo, carrots

Liza is
The Vampire Squirrel
Power: Mind control
Weakness: You shall never know

Keyleigh McHugh is
Jabber Talker
Power: to talk people to death
Weakness: to stop talking

Cait is
Lady Manga
Power: mad manga drawing skills espeshly cats >^^<
Weakness: Kwet puddy cats

Nikki Bond is
Sparta Ace
Power: everything you could think of hahaha
Weakness: a secret

Aidan is
Captain Corruption
Power: Super Intelligence
Weakness: A closely guarded secret

Nadya is
Shnicks Six
Power: being annoyingly smart. Sixth sense to find food in hidden places. Saying flirty and harsh words in 50 languages
Weakness: Brussel sprouts. Hot guys. Trigonometry.

Emily is
Window Woman
Power: Throwing rubber ducks
Weakness: Curtains

Annate Malan is
Power: The power of mind control
Weakness: Stupid people

Jazmin is
Too Epic
Power: Amaze the good people over how amazing I am and then defeating them.
Weakness: Being too epic for my own good.

Eden is
Power: To hipnotise people into being on my side / Martial arts / Random awesome unpredictable crazy black magic / General Evil Genius clever stuff.
Weakness: Insanely Paranoid.

Eden is
Poison Plague
Power: 1: super spit, 2: Glow in the dark 3: fire, 4: super fast
Weakness: Water

Alanna is
Power: To be able to hack into anywhere, anytime, anyplace. Secrecy? Please, I don't know the meaning of the word.
Weakness: What weaknesses? As long as there's power, I'm unstoppable.

Sharon is
Power: Being an evil genius
Weakness: Not exactly being a genius

Danny is
Twisted Horror
Power: Being bad
Weakness: Shampoo

Christina Fay is
Black Tiger
Power: Speed, flexibility & climbing
Weakness: I am very ticklish

Lujza is
Power: Control everything you could think of
Weakness: Weakness? please.

Jim is
Happiness Destroyer
Power: Destroying happy bunny's, people e.t.c
Weakness: Happy bunny's, people e.t.c

Yvonne is
Power: The evil neck pinch and super tickling fingers
Weakness: tickling my belly or feet :)

Carmyn is
The Bookworm
an Evil Genius
Power: I know everything you need to know in your whole life
Weakness: A good book

Louizé is
The RedHead
Power: Being The Ultimate Sexy Beast
Weakness: Hannah

Alice is
Diablo Riobamba
Power: Everything you can possibly think of and everything you can't
Weakness: nothing

Edinburgh Merchantwise is
Power: READING & CHEMISTRY PRO. I'm the person to look for if you want custom mutant flowers.
Weakness: dust & nothing to do

lord steve is
kasey anderson
Power: having any and all weapons at my disposal and the healing factor of deadpool and wolverine combined
Weakness: gravity and my low pain tolerance

Nuel is
Power: Everything
Weakness: Just about nothing

Hebe Lawson is
The Fortune-teller
Power: Being able to see what is going to happen in the future and being able to know what your thinking.
Weakness: I can not see my future and If my crystal ball is broken I am destroyed.

Noah is
Power: I am possessed by a fraction of the greek god of the dead.
Weakness: dunno

Lisa is
Power: EVREYTHING, I am sooo gonna take over the world >:-D
Weakness: Homework kills me right on the spot...aww

Aphkaatriolhzyden Tacollo Cthexyka is
Someone Ultimately Evil (a.k.a. SUE)
Power: Duh! Being super evilly genius!!! And ignoring all kinds of disturbance when sleeping. Alright I can fly but, hello? Can't you?!
Weakness: bouncy spiky neon-colored plastic ball and... laze

cait is
Power: darkness, Death and Destruction.
Weakness: the light, kindness and pretty things

Jackie Zhang is
Jackie the Believer
Power: curiosity on everything. Smarter than others.
Think different. Care for nature.
Weakness: lazy. Small body size.

Noah is
Power: Putting illusions into peoples minds (horrifying images, sword through chest and they drop dead, e.t.c) commanding shadows.
Weakness: Natural bright light, overpowering happiness.

Jonah is
Power: farting and burping realy loud
Weakness: cake and chocolate

Tris is
Power: Invincibility & Flying. Weakness: Dirt & Jets

Dani is
Power: Ultimate speed, flight, and super intelligence.
Weakness: Not read 101 Things To Do to Become a Superhero ... or Evil Genius.

Jessica Lidster is
Her Highness
Power: Mind control and manipulation.
Weakness: Pugs

Peter Stanton is
Power: to bleep a really high noise
Weakness: dust

Sassy is
Power: Can turn people to stone (duh!)
Weakness: People can use mirrors to see where i am and defeat me

Lundis is
The Lunarchist
Power: Mind Control, Super strength, Sense beyond common sense, Magic
Weakness: Understanding and controlling time. Laughing uncontrollably when people fail to spell intelligence in the context "I am intelligent".

Jorge henri is
Power: Anything beyond believe - any power imaginable is within me
Weakness: There is no mercy for those who enter the path of evil - sometimes the difference between good and evil is like a hair - thin and indistinguishable

James Hyde Teggin is
The Godfarther
Power: Superhuman Speeds, Mastermind,
Aiming, Ruthless Driving, Bribe
Weakness: Love

Sofia is
Power: Drama, Lilium
Weakness: None

Declan Dyer is
Dr. Virus
Power: Technical Stuff
Weakness: Maths

Nick is
Nick Evilmad
Power: Technical genius
Weakness: Not good in maths

George Lucas is
Darth Mader
Power: Making amazing movies which kill all of humanity.
Weakness: Star Trek

Noah is
The Incredible Bulk
Power: Superstrength
Weakness: Hard math questions

Samy is
Power: intellegence
Weakness: vegtables

Ben is
Power: Being the master of tickiling people
Weakness: Being tickled myself

George is
Power: Controlling Electricity
Weakness: Justin Beiber

Alec Rai Temple is
The Knight who says 'Ni!'
Power: To 'cause pain by uttering the word 'Ni!'
Weakness: The word 'It!'

Amyx is
Power: Being able to convince others to do
anything I want
Weakness: Money

Mark is
Power: money
Weakness: time

Nick Matthews is
Captain Apocalypse
Power: Omniscience
Weakness: Your sweetness

Sarah Garnier is
Elliot Ridaer
Power: The power to
stop time, yet not age as time
is stopped.
Weakness: Chocalate Spread (Nutella)

Natalia is
Power: Mind reading
and shape shifting
Weakness: Ice cream

Hally is
Mad Mittens
Power: Throwing electric mittens everywhere
Weakness: wool ,i love it

Rebecca Gray is
Master Cupcake
Power: Being able to think really evil plans really quickly
Weakness: Cupcakes

Mini is
Super Stermanator
Power: every thing evil
Weakness: i dont have one

Joshua is
Professor F Evil
Weakness: CHEESE

Isara is
Power: if i look into any superhero eyes or their head i can take their powers away and the power will be mine!!!
Weakness: if i see a lego i will stop and built something out of it!!!

Yu Hin Chan is
The U.N.K.N.O.W.N.
(The Unditectable Nuclear Killing Nightmare Orientation Weather control Nemesis)
Power: Super brain,withstand heat and cold and speed.
Weakness: Telekinesis.

Peter is
Captain Womballminbleatheraloralk.....
Power: Mind reading
Weakness: You think I'd tell you? Fat chance!

Dale is
Snotty Alien
Power: The ability to make anyone sneeze (I can change the colour and size of the bogey for excruciating pain)
Weakness: I truthfully want to be a super hero but my dad sent me to the wrong summer camp!

Alex is
Power: brain zapping
Weakness: cheese

Amy is
Lady Evil
Power: Earth,invisibility,speed
Weakness: Listening to other people two much

Troy Woods is
Power: My mind. I am the smartest human being alive but i use it for evil
Weakness: Lots of things: Spiders, Milk, Peanuts, Lava. . .

Ben is
Catpain Blackudder
Power: Mis-communication.
Weakness: Delicious, plump breasted pigeons.

Lily is
Dr. Crazed
Power: Able to be so crazy it annoies people to DEATH! HAHAHA
Weakness: I have no weakness

Rebecca is
Power: the ability to shape-shift. I can shape-shift on minor scales (changing my appearance) and major scales (chameleon-invisibility, animals,plants). Also the ability to control all elements including the human mind.
Weakness: Rainbow Ninja, Dinosaur, Carnivorous Unicorns that speak swahili and eat man eating plants. I cannot destroy them.

Kent is
Mr Awesome
Power: Super Awesomeness that no one can ressist! My Awesomeness going to take over the world and no one can't stop me from doing it!
Weakness: Troll Face saying: U mad at me make me feel weak!

Not telling is
Power: being able to use all tecnolagy and owning all weponce (toys not included).
Weakness: bing a bit soft and accdently hading in my owen hechmen in to the police.

Hannah Elizabeth is
The Binary Monster
Power: I can resist all modern weaponry and transport myself anywhere in the universe.
Weakness: Unwinding of my tapes.

Sean Willis is
Power: DS playing
Weakness: mMash

Douglas is
Mr. Ballistic
Power: stealth,see out of other peoples eyes
Weakness: ???????

Fizz Hobbit is
Brian Smith
Power: Being the most normal person alive
Weakness: Trying to be evil

Erik is
Power: Erasing memory and turning invisible
Weakness: I lose memory at times... wait who am i

Erik is also
Power: i know everything about technology
Weakness: I cant resist techno music

Megan is
Power: hypnotism
Weakness: none

Jake is
Power: Shapeshifting
& shooting Fireballs
Weakness: Being put in
an indestructible bubble

Simonne Edwards is
Phantom Fox
Power: super hearing, invisibility, super speed
Weakness: mustard

Jeremy Smith is
The Guinea Pig
Power: Controling all
the world's guinea pigs to take over the world
Weakness: Dandelion Leaves...

Charles Smith is
Piano Killer
Power: Dropping pianos out of high windows.
Weakness: ...Getting them up the stairs in the first place....

Jary White is
Power: I make people blind
Weakness: I become blind at certain points of the day

Leanne is
Power: Being able to snore louder than anyone else on Earth
Weakness: Waking up

Michelle MitZie Magnusson
is The Reaper
Power: Wings. i' am the Angel Of Death...
Weakness: Nothing... Muhahha Muhahha

Emily is
Dr. Farthead
Power: Fart every 10 seconds
Weakness: Nice smelling things

Sam Smith is
Dr. Fro
Power: Stealing EVERYONE who i come in contact with's power!!!! HAHAHA!!!!!!
Weakness: SPIDERS and HEIGHTS!!!

Cool .......huh!?! is
Not your prblem
Power: To hide things from people
Weakness: Giving stuff to people

Eleanor is
Power: In one glance i see the truth
Weakness: Swimming

Isabella Keith is
Power: Being able to mentally disable any living or robotic being with my brain. I am also telepathic, so your thinking can be continued in my mind. Since my brain is therefore hugely overwhelmed, I can copy myself and have minions working for me. I can also shape- shift into a somewhat ordinary person. However, people still look at me more strangely than they do when I am in character (and therefore costume). I suppose my extremely clever cranium cannot hold all that genius in a puny, normal head. so it may be a little bigger than normal. My hats ARE actually upturned boats, though....
Weakness: Forgetting to not think all the time.

Gilbert de Guzman is
Mad Engineer
Power: Create a power generator that converts happiness of a person into electrical energy
Weakness: Social Studies

Mayor McMadness is

Power: The ability to do anything I wish to cause mayhem.
Weakness: Dictionaries.

Rachel is
Power: flying &
reading minds.
Weakness: bad thoughts! xDD

Tesla Mcnabb is
Power: Batman
Weakness: Nothing. I have noweaknesses

Daniel Light is
Andeil Ghilt
Power: bananas
Weakness: bananas

Max is
Power: being super annoying
Weakness: being quiet or still

Hugh Jass is
Man Man
Power: Being a normal man.
Weakness: The pub.

Marie Normand is
Power: I can control people's minds and make them go completely crazy!!!
Weakness: Salt water .... I don't want to talk about it....

Cameron is
Power: to easily be spotted when i'm crazy or acting stealthily.
Weakness: pretty much everything except for turning crazy

Samantha is
Il Bob
Power: being cool and italien
Weakness: i no speak inglese

Andras is
Power: my eyes take off the clothes of the girls (;
Weakness: ferrero rochers

Claire is
Power: Death stares
Weakness: chocolate

Jeremy Paxman is
Power: a mind full
of useless knowledge
Weakness: chocolate

SAM is
Power: FIRE
Weakness: WATER

Megan is
Power: complaint letters
Weakness: boyyyyyyyyyys

Annie is
Ginger Boi
Power: With my fire-red-hair I have the ability to steal peoples
souls by looking right into their eyes. Their souls which I feast on allow me to live longer.
Weakness: The sun because my pastey skin gets burned easily!

Erin Thomson is
The Bookworm
Power: I'm too smart for anyone else!
Weaness: things I don't know

Jack Adams is
Power: I can poison people and control plants
Weakness: fire

Phoebe Knight is
Asid Devil
Power: To fly
Weakness: Being tickled

Rhiannon MacLean is
Power: Loving
Weakness: Patience

Evan Lau is
Power: Mind Control
Weakness: Potato Chips

Colette is Chocoholica the Destroyer
Power: Making chocolate disappear with a penetrating stare
Weakness: Heat, as I end up with sticky fingers

Josh Richards is
The Mighty Ginge
Power: making any every day situations awkward and/or weird
Weakness: adorable soft toys with a penchant for violence

Syakira Sungkar
Power: killer machine
Weakness: i have motivation issue

Jack is
Power: To fly
Weakness: Coper

Minet is
Captain Cooper
Power: Telepathy
Weakness: Water, Lightning

Natella is
Power: Super Intelligence
Weakness: the love

Arthur Mills is
The Enigma
Power: Super Intelligence and Riddling. Riddles and words and codes and clues. My unique artistic style of crime!!
Weakness: Everything must be perfect. Tending to talk too much...

Carlos is
Power: to crawl across the internet itself
Weakness: can be destroyed anywhere

Aidan Rowan is
Dark Fusion
Power: The ability to combine ANY two objects, animate or not.
Weakness: Scryonite

Dylan is Anonymous
Power: Can take on identity of others (PM, queens etc.) for my own ends. Also can mind wipe.
Weakness: Cheese. And non-digital photography. For now.... Mwha. Mwhaha. MWA HA HA HA HAAAAA!!! sorry

Faust is
Power: Hatred
Weakness: Love

Dillon is
Crazed One
Power: making stuff explode with my mind
Weakness: bribes of pie

(Anonymous) is
Power: make my drawings come to life
Weakness: well, i'm not telling you!

Prince William is
The Future King
Power: Ultimate Power
Weakness: The Queen, Prince Charles ...

Stefan Karabaliev is MeightSquaids
Power: Mind ****
Weakness: Funny ****

Zahira is
mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Power: laughing like this
mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Weakness: can't stop laughing
mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ok ill stop ha ha ha sorry ha ha ha ha ha ha

Brad is
Power: Errrmm.... Being stupid
Weakness: Being Tickled

Go away
is Wait what did you say
Power: Fried eggs (MUAHAHAHA)
Weakness: Soft boiled eggs (CHICKEN)

Emily is
Agent Wood
Power: controlling fire and lightning and shape-shifting
Weakness: None

Luna is
Lulu x
Power: charming people and making them do whatever I want ...
Weakness: i get nervous around cute superheroes [suddenly they're

Jessica is
Power: turning people into cheeseburgers
Weakness: I am allergic to cheese

Sasha is
Power: Foreign languages, no fear, heartless (is this even a super power? lol)
Weakness: Sweets and milk

Vicky Amelia is
Amelie Corleone Van Montana
Power: like a virgin, innocent, charming, kinky, yummy.
Weakness: being ignorant, easily get bored.

Shae Egan is
Ego Evil
Power: invisible, super fast and can fly!
Weakness: vegtables and sausages

Cari is
Evil Genius
Power: The power of Philosophy and Words!
Weakness: Hate being ignored, or not listened to. A tendancy to drone on and on.

Emily is
Bob the Builder
Power: Random Powers!
Weakness: NOTHING!

Herman is
Black Widow
Power: X-ray vision, poisonous fangs,Telekinisis, and able to climb on walls.
Weakness: Zynite

Dr. Uh-Uh-No-No-No is
Oh Yeah?!-man
Power: Thinking of something more disgusting than what you say is
most disgusting
Weakness: Images of Shirley Temple

Sophie is
Power: I can read the speed of light.
Weakness: Going fast

Hammy is
Power: To have the transformation to turn into a Necromancer
Weakness: Reading other books not written by Richard Horne or Helen Szirtes

Ross is
Dr. Doyoulovemenowdaddy!
Power: i can burn people, with my nose
Weakness: being told off by authority figures

Power: Having an evil cat
Weakness: My cat

Sonny J Mitchell is The Alchemist (Pronounced Ze Alchomist)
Power: The power of super human thought, Super fast thought, Telepathy, Mind control and Brain infection.
Weakness: My addiction to reading

Moira is
Power: I can control every-thing, and i can read minds, speak every language
Weakness: blue, read mind weakness-metal, any kind

Sam Wats is
The Man
Power: to controll everyone
Weakness: wet pants

Becky Webb is
Wei Bei Qi
Power: Can speak any language...anywhere...anytime
Weakness: Cheese, any cheese that is. Even French.

John is
Cap Tan
Power: I can burn anyone with radiation! MWAHAHAHAHA
Weakness: Sunscreen? NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Clare Pidsley is
Notorious P.I.D.
Power: Accomplished in
the art of rap
Weakness: Requires daily nap

Luke is
The Reverlotion
Power: morfing in to a fairy
Weakness: HEALTHY food

Holly Roberts is
The Midnight Assassin
Power: being awake 24/7
Weakness: Castanza

Eva Newbery is
Eva the Fever
Power: Eternal Sleeplessness
Weakness: Water (poured
over my head)

Ed Cookson is
Dr. Probably Not
Power: My state of the
art, eco-friendly underground mono-rail
Weakness: Indecision

Tim Moss is
Power: Dangerous Funk
Weakness: Moog

Bob Bobness is
The Gramatical Grueller
Power: Alliteration
Weakness: Verbosity: I have a tendency to waffle on and give away my dastardly plans to the wrong people because ever since I was a kid I've felt a need to explain myself as I was always misunderstood and unappreciated and now that I finally have power I ca....

Robert Ellis is
Saddle Tramp
Power: Magic Lasso and
Ten Horse Power
Weakness: Dressage

David Varela is
Power: Mild sarcasm
Weakness: Procrastination

Owen Winter is
Dr. Ian Evil
Power: Superior brainpower
Weakness: None

Michelle M. Magnusson is
Evil Cat
Power: Cat powers
Weakness: Dog

Edie Faulkner is
The Babbler
Power: Chat
Weakness: Ice-cream

Richard Horne is
Power: Dark Arts
Weakness: Helvetica

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