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Praise for 101 Things To Do to Become a Superhero or Evil Genius

'101 Things to Do to Become a Superhero is an absolute gem. It is essentially just a list... but what a list! We love the witty, personable style, the handy cross-referencing of ‘things’ to do at the same time and the entire interactive concept of the book.
– The Truth About Book's 'Book of the Month'

Praise for 101 Things To Do Before You’re Old and Boring

‘101 brilliant suggestions that will NOT – not ever – leave you bored!
Parents will also love this book (I do!) so hide it!’
– Childrens Books UK

Praise for
101 Things To Do Before You Need to Know

‘Brilliant!’ – National Geographic Kids Magazine

‘The facts in this dinky book will give you a head start in the
pub quiz’
– Big Issue

‘The perfect stocking filler of fascinating facts that will enable children
to amaze their friends'
– Sunday Express

‘Takes electrifying questions’ Evening Standard

‘You’ll really wonder what you did without it’ – CY Magazine

‘These are fascinating facts and it was fun finding out things
I didn't know’
– Teen Titles

Praise for 101 Things You Wish You'd Invented

‘Witty and interesting cover of 101 inventions from vital, to useful, to plain silly. Lots and lots of fun trivia, combined with great ideas for things to do. It’s a high quality entrant into a rather crowded interesting trivia market’

'Filled with fascinating details about everything from the most common everyday object to inventions which changed society ... Expand your knowledge of man's accomplishments in the most compelling - and irreverent - way possible. – Books Monthly

Firstly my part as the MUM. Thanks. I ended up walking around with a post it note attached to my back - luckily only at home but at great amusement to my children and husband. My Eldest son has reviewed this book. He says it is an exciting book with lots to do. It is nice because you dont have to read each page - you can pick the bit you fancy doing. The forms are fun to fill in and make it seem like you are on a mission. I learnt lots of facts and I found it really interesting. There are lots of parts of this book I plan to do properly and I think it will be fun.