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Old and Boring No. 3 - Origami
Joseph Wu - The daddy of paper folding:
Tammy Yee - Children's book illustrator with a gift for cute origami.
Download and make three blind mice, a humpback whale or santa:
Advanced origami from Robert J.Lang:

Old and Boring No. 14 - See a Ghost
Haunted places in the UK:
The Most Haunted TV show website:
Haunted places in the US:
Ghost Tours in Scotland:

Old and Boring No. 23 - Learn to do a Card Trick
David Copperfield, David Blaine and Paul Daniels had better watch out!
Learn their card tricks here:

Old and Boring No. 29 - Climb to the Top of a Mountain
What makes a mountain a mountain? Woodlands Junior School
has the answer:

Old and Boring No. 30 - Make a One Minute Movie
A great place to start if you want to become the next Speilberg:

Old and Boring No. 36 - Start Your Own Blog
Have you got things that you'd like to to share with the world?
Start your own blog here:

Old and Boring No. 48 - Watch These Films
BFI's Top 50 Children's films:

IMDB's Top 50 Family Films:

Old and Boring No. 49 - Read These Books
A list of top 50 childrens books to read by Billy on the Amazon site:

Top 10 Childrens books according to the Guardian website:,11301,609078,00.html