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Please be patient! Suggestions will be uploaded as soon as possible.
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Times Square for New Year's Eve
Piper (UK)

Go to Hogword
Dream (Thailand)

Know what the teenagers are talking about these days,
Win an award *
Spend ALOT of money on art supplies,
Go horse riding.

Unknown (Unknown)

Have a online relationship.
AD (canada)

Conquer my fear of marriage
Tas (England)

Polar plunge. Jump into freezing waters.
Sandra D. (Texas)

Base jump off the empire state building.
Do a backflip on pogo stilts.
Learn how to parkour.
Join the red bull Cliff dive.
Meet jessie j and kelly clarkson.
Snowboard in the alps.
Take a cruise round the world.
Kat (Hull, England)

Miss your flight
Eat KFC in Kentucky
Cross the ocean on a ship
Write a travel guide
Travel all states of the US*
Spend a lonely Christmas eve in a pub
Appear in end credits of a cinema movie
Vera (Switzerland/Netherlands)

See the Northern Lights*
Shonay (Indonesia)

Shark cage diving in cape town
Hitchhike in area where hitchhiking is forbidden
gain PPL - Private pilot licence*
Skinny dipping*
Paragilding in Rio De Geneiro
Get parents a world tour ticket
TT (Germany)

Cross an international boarder hitchhiking
Run the bulls in Pamplona
Drive an Iceroad
Bastain (Germany)

Lick my elbow
Sneeze with my eyes open
Tell a funny joke
Lucy (England)

To love.
Me (Hungary)

Christophrey (Qatar):
I want to become a pirate, and experience Pastafarian Heaven

Sayo (Norway):
Ride a bobsleigh
Be part of a human tower in Barcelona
Work as a pirate at disney
Experience new years around the world
Jump the slide of an aeroplane
Run a half-marathon
Solve a sudoku
Pet a hawk
Do a trapeze
Earn a Scuba certificate
Play with a pro tennis player
Drive a golfcar
Snowboard down Mont Blanc

V (England):
Sit in cockpit at landing

Massa (US):
Have fun

Sanbed Narendra Pal (INDIA):
I wanna see myself in Forbes magazine as first 100 young entrepreneur of a year.

Reidid Reinrag (The Netherlands. aka Holland!):
1# Drink over 101 different beers!
2# brew your own beer!
3# Get a ride in a tank!
4# Go hunting and shoot a animal, a deer,bear or the entire African big 5.
5# Shoot whit an AK-47.
6# Smoke a fine cigar and light it whit a 100 dollar bill!
7# Do something dangerous! ( it depends what you find dangerous.)
8# eat as many different kind of animals. (at least 40# different kind of animals!)
9# Buy and restore something old.(house,old timer,furniture?)
10# spend a night at a hunted-house.(this does not include a carnival or a
amusement-park hunted-house!)

U (U):
Do somthing you hate and enjoy it

Hanz (Anon):
Tell someone you love them
Write a un published book
Help a homeless pearson
Get a furry pet
Stroke a lion/tiger/bear
Reunite with old friend/family member

Laila+Tilly (England):
B nice 2 someone u don't like

Hamad (UAE):
To be model

Amelia Tyrrah (Ching Chong China):
Jump out of a plane when you are 99 (just before you die) without a parachute

Emily (UK):
Overcome a fear. For instance, I am terrified of height, so I want to go
bungee jumping. Though that could be the death of me...

Syd (France):
Be vegan for one year

Thesunshining (Guyana):
Hi, today is a beautiful day in my life. I saw a first snow in this year
and I save this photo for all people in the World!

Shae Egan (Bunderburg):
Stay the night at a haunted house alone!

Alex Benn (Cumbria, UK):
Start all over again

The1980's 'Why Don't You' KIds (UK):
Why Don't You Just Switch Off Your Television Set And Go Out And
Do Something Less Boring Instead?

Everyone on Earth:
Meet Tom

Tom (UK):
Meet everyone on Earth

Elvis (Memphis):
Impersonate me in front of an audience

Hani (UK):
Rename all household items (e.g. A fork = frongs)

David Cameron (London, Libcons, UK):
Keep Calm and Carry On

Nick Clegg (London, Condems, UK):
Now Panic and Freak Out

Lily Jasmine Evans (Hong Kong, China) :
Invent something cool like a toy robot dog

Ryan (United Kingdom):
Ride a Choper motorcylcle across america (Route 66)

Chelsea (Australia):
Learn to ride a motorcycle, Spend at week on the high sea/learn to sail,
move out from home

Herblady (Slovakia):
Donate blood plasm

Herblady (Slovakia):
Get tattoo with your zodiac sign

Dnomsed (Hong Kong):
Have sex in special places like while scuba diving

Falium (US):
High Five a Seal
Jump up on stage with a band during a concert
Get Lost ( Three Days Grace "Lost in You" Lost)
Run with the bulls
Have no regrets
Ice Climbing

Herblady (Slovakia):
Go to buddhistic meditations • Visit India

Toby Griffin (UK):
Win a fight

Herblady (Slovakia):
Go to a fortune teller

Miss Hollywood (USA):
Climb the great hill of Hollywood then run down the hill
Spend a night inside a haunted house or hotel
Build a indain sweatlodge and join in man or women
Find an unusaul name town and goto it to stay for the weekend.
Find a monkey's paw.
Find a way to get your ideal on the Minute game show.
Become an extra in a movie
Know everything there is to know about herbs and edible flowers (I will
test you someday)

Grayson Sillers (USA):
Pretend your cat is a man-eating lion and try to catch it in a box. trust me, its fun because i just did it. (TIP: Its funner with at least 2 people in a big house :D)

Emochick (Edinburgh):
Meet my favorite band and meet slash (G N' R)

Tanja (Germany):
Win a nobel price

Anna (U.S.A):
Play a game

Miss Hollywood NAA (USA):
Finding the live part of Ripley's Believe or Not • For 1 minute to hop on one foot and rub your tummy with one hand and pat your head with the other and make fishy lips Cuz you know I can

Go find an UFO, the biggest great white in a sub, bigfoot and being in a suba to a cave down in lotness lake

Adelin (Indonesia):
Meet the author of this book

Nicole (USA):
Make confetti and throw it at a stranger.
Go down hill in the muddy while it rainy with a sled.
Go to a wig shop and get a wig to wear for the whole day.
Bark at the dogs that barks at you.
Try a tea with boba
Eat a clam ice cream
Go into a bridal shop and take picture of you in a dress. IF YOU DARE MEN!!!

Jacek (UK):
Do a balloon car

Romel (Philippines):
Do whatever you want to do without hesitation or fear in something to return.

A disgruntled licence fee payer (in the UK):

Glen Parva (Leicester):
Create an alter ego

List Maker (Scot Land):
Make a lis of Things To Do.
Do all the Things on your list ... then make a whole new list.

Bob (Australia):
Have Skype Sex

Lucie (UK):
Visit each continent

Tom (United Kingdom):
Visit the 7 Wonder Of The World

Syah (Indonesia):
Don't sleep 7 days

James Baylis (Bromsgrove, England):
Have a pet dog
Go to a theme park

Smatouille (France):
Meet somebody in real life that you don't know and who doesn't know you.
Just because you started talking to him/her on Facebook/Skye/Messenger

Simon Fox (Hitchin, UK):
Get a creature named after you

Ed (Leeds, UK):
Cook a proper hog roast
Do the milk challenge

Captain Z (Old Zealand):
Do things suggested in Song lyrics (ie: Scaramouch, Scaramouch, Do the Fandango)

Marina (Peru) :
Go to an airplane put a parasuit and jump!

Rachael (Norfolk):
Create a new Superhero

Zopiel (Philippines):
Visit the outer space!!

Dave (Norwich):
Create a new urban myth

John (London):
On halloween, wear christmas outfits. At easter, wear halloween clothes and christmas, wear easter stuff. (feel free to add any other celebrations)

Dubia (United arab emarites):
Lift 1 Ton with my bare hands and jump of a height of 5 meters

Kerry, Jackie and Amit (England):
Write and star in your very own christmas work pantomime!!

Heidelberg (Germany) :
Learn general relativity and quantum field theory.
The greatest intellectual achievements of humankind!

Q: Flpspy: (via the internet):
When are you releasing your next book?
A: Richard Horne (101 Central Control):
Check out my new book:
A is for Armageddon Out Now!

Miley Cyrus (America, L.A.):
watch all the doctor whos

Zeezee (Manchester):
Learn a circus act like juggling or plate spinning.

300ThingsToDo (Aus):
1. Go canoeing and kayaking.
2. Learn how to ice skate backwards.
3. Learn to say "hello" in 50 languages**
4. Ride in a hot air balloon*
5. Go scuba diving*
6. Go on a helicopter ride.
7. Ride a mechanical bull.
8. Fire walking.
9. Ride the world's largest Ferris wheel.
10. Create a website*
11. Learn to juggle.
12. Go on a talk show.
13. Learn to make pottery.

Vicki (England):
Go on the Big Wheel in Sheffield. It looks amazing!

Someone (England):
Count your stairs
Stare at a complete stranger
Play knock a door run
Feed your dog cat food
Feed your cat dog food

Caseyy x (England):
orginise a sleepover**
make sock monkeys
talk to yourself
pretend to be a pirate
draw manga charators
plant flowers**

Leanne (Natural History Museum):
Visit our Butterfly Jungle!

Anon (Unknown):

Andy (Newark):
Live your life with a full tank

Iggy (Spain):
To stay awake for 4 days

Victoria Jane (England):
Eat your way round the world - try a traditional food in every country of
the world (or if thats too hard then first try eating in every continent
of the world)

Matt D. (United States of America):
Visit the Florida Everglades.

Sandy (Singapore):
Wear a nightie for bedtime, to the street
and count the number of stares you have!
You can even take the beds at the
departmental store as your own room!

The Laughing Cow =D (England):
Graffitti the White House/Houses of Parliment/
Buckingham Palace etc.

Marcos (USA):
Go to a soccer game in the UK, wear a USA jersey,
boo the home team

Litle mi mi :) ;) (Ireland):
Kiss as many people that i can:)
Have as much fun meet loads of new people
and try and be rembered as best i can :P

Anon (USA):
Invent something useful for humanity

April (USA):
Give money out to people

Do some things that make ppl crazy

Angus Roberts(Scotland):
Attend la tomatia in Boyul

Tybone (Spain):
Box a kangaroo

Hugh R. Dickens (England):
To drink cocktails mad by Sunny in a small grubby bar called just drinks
in city of Mombasa in Kenya

Musa yar'adua (Nigeria):
Try u best not to die

Annon (USA):
Have a 3-way, or if things get real interesting, a many-way!

Keiko Kawaguchi (Norwich):
Mini golf around the whole of the UK

Lucifer (Hell) :
Detonate bomb in Heaven

Keiko Kawaguchi (London):
Get your portrait painted by a street artist (the worse it looks the better!)

Zoe callander (UK):
Go around the world in my bed !!! • Dye my hair rainbow colour • 
Go on google and type how to get on google!!!

The Pieman (Melton Mowbray):
Learn Pi to 1,000 places

Stuff yourself and work it off again.

Try Dog sledding!

Giovanni (U.S.A) :
Throw a shoe to bush

Wayne (South Africa):
Work Naked

The boss (Bosnia/England):
See how far i can get from school in one day without being noticed!
(e.g. Norway, France, Poland)

Yniqe (Neverland):
I want understand the meaning of this life and to know what will happen to me after death

Marimer(Puerto Rico):
Spend a New Year's Eve at Time Square • Spend one night at a haunted place • spend a day doing nothing at my bed • learn a martial art • dance hip hop, breakdance, bomba and learn to use glowsticks • go to a fashion show • buy something at an auction • get a one-day trip somewhere pretty far • wilderness for a week • put $20 on vending machines ... I don't know what else

Alexandra XXX (England, United Kingdom):
Visit every country in the world, and every famous landmark. I've already been to Canada, America, UK, Spain, Cyprus and some other little islands, just a few hundred more to go. lol.

Alalala (Scotland):
Pretend to be a waiter at a fancy resteraunt for a table


Gemma Parnell (England) :
Visit lapland at christmas

Bikerjon (England) :
Ride my motorcycle naked through the mountains in Europe

Anne Izekor (England) :
I would like to do exciting dangerous things before i die and i
would like to get rid of my fears and get to meet dangerous
animals in the wild and get to touch them face to face without
getting bitten

Evereen03 (United kingdom):
I would like to meet and talk to minded people that have the
same interests about what they want to do before they die

Plant a house and build a tree. get a band together and play nirvana songs
in a busy intersection in new york

Anne Izekor (Essex):
I would like to see the wild cats and the dangerous animals
like the tigers and get t
o touch a dolphin

Arturs (Latvia) :
... Party hard! So much, then i wake up at different place!!!

Suzie W (USA):
Dance on the hood of my car to very loud music in a big traffic jam

Ibrahim Bozkurt (Turkish):
I want to order a coffee all the people on the earth

Lauren-sian (England):
Go to hollywood and take picture of th
e hollywood sign and put
hands in movie stars mould • Have lots of sugary foods and get
really hyper and try to get kicked out of somwhere for once in your life.

David (UK):
Have sex all 21 ways

(Read previous suggestion first)
October Caesar: It has really happened, Samantha!
In Germany, an old woman's neighbors called the police, because they
thought they saw blood on her doorsteps. The police knocked the door,
nobody answered, they broke the door down the dog searched everywhere
they did not find her. Later, the lady came along, absolutely sane, wondering
whst the police was doing in her house. The supposed "blood" was
juice from a beetroot jar that broke.

Samantha Hitchen (United Kingdom) :
Get some red sauce and a knife then put the red sauce on your
head and a bit on the floor then l
aydown and put the knife under
your head and then wait for some1 to come in

Break the limit: Stay up for 48+ hours.

Me (Scotland) :
Get drunk and wake up in a different place

Find your perfect match!

Pam (Thailand):
Take a hot spring bath in Japan

Cheeky cheese gal:
Eat a whole cat alive

Visit 100 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Watch 100 of IMDB Top 250 Films Richard Hornes list is terrible -
(RH: I can't be that bad as many of the 250 films feature on my list!)

Laila Poche:
not to just be i the Olympics but be the person that the whole country is tuning in just to Micheal Phelps in the US • have a movie based off of my life, with me playing myself at my current age • Kick butt kung fu style instead of getting beaten up. People should learn how to defend themselves like Jackie Chan. lets face it if your gonna be seeing lions, tigers, and bears in the wild (#38) you should know how to say "I'm not for eatin'" in animal lingo.

Mr Shrimpy (shrimp land):
Eat shrimp heads

To convince an Australian i have a genuine Australian accent

Tat Maddo:
Host a party so great people will talk about it for weeks afterwards

Matthieu (France):
Learn how to do a flip, on a trampoline or a diving board

Take a dip in a Japanese Onsen

Holly Macartney Filgate:
Streak at a public sports match

Paint a self portrait

Star in a west end show

Storm Macauley:
Kiss someone under a waterfall • live in a foreign country* • spend the night in a haunted house**

Set 99 blue balloons and 1 red balloon free

Have a naked wrestle with the prime minister live on sky sports!!

Travel on the Orient Express

I want to have a Jetson car and fly around

Run through a public fountain fully clothed

Dance under the eiffel tower at night

Work out 'Why?'

Travel alone to a city you've nver been to before

Attend Love Parade, GERMANY

stick it to the man.

So kami bellum:
Tell your secret love that you've been in love for a long time

Run naked down a very busy street (works better the
more of you there

Go to Anglesey and find something good to do!

For some we loved, the loveliest and the best that from his
vintage rolling time hath prest, Have drunk their cup a round
or two before, and one by one crept silently to rest!

Fall in love and fall hard

Be on tv a disrespect their network

Kiss a complete stranger!!

Buy cheap reduced stuff from an exspensive shop! • In a
public place go up to someone and ask "did you eat my pie?"

Fight a black bear unarmed. (Winning/surviving optional)

At a wedding when the priest says 'if any object speak
now or hold your peace' stand up and shout 'I screwed her !'
or even better ' he's gay'.

Get a man to store sandwiches in his beard

Shave all your hair off

Your mother:
Take a bath in a substance other than water (champagne, etc.)

Megan Moloney:
Set a world record on somthing hasn't been set yet

Live alone.. survive by myself..

Make it at the 3 peaks challenge: climb the 3 highest peaks
in the UK in 3 days (Scotland, England and Wales)

Natalia Felska:
Get a big and long breath of helium and then talk

Usjo 2687
Run a bar at the beach

X Factor 002
I would like to have a big house in every country of the Europe

Win the GAME!

Hmmmm...go back to my schools, stink bomb them, take
hinges off the doors of my enemies house and go to hawaii,
then go thru a black hole.

Try completing the bleep test or at least getting more than 6/7

Win the GAME!

I would like to have a big house in every country of the Europe

Busk for a day doing whatever skill you want (dancing,
playing a song, acting). see how much money or pity you get

Anna Dolin
If your a girl wear high heels. big high heels

Have a dramatic death

Have 1000 genuine social network friends (Bebo,
myspace, facebook, plaxo, wayn, etc) was originally for
myspace only until bebo became popular, one person with
two profiles on same site or otherwise does not count. you
must generally be freinds with them. this is my basic rules
on this must have made physical contact a handshake of a
Bow Counts, and be on at least first name terms. and be able
to have a conversation without re-introducing yourself

Hong Kong
Do something illegal and get away with it.

Fall asleep on a bed at a furniture store, prefably ikea

Drink 100 cups of coffee in one day!!! -

Spray whipped cream all over your face so u loook like santa!!!!

LoJa-LoJa: Just a few...
1. Swim somewhere you are not supposed to, eg. a lake
or public fountain!
2. Drink a litre bottle of water in one go.
3. Make videos with your friends. Try making one as if it
was a secret
camera, or a cheesy ad.

Smiley =D:
When people come over for dinner go to the light switch
without them seeing and flicker the light on and off while
making loud noises...

Fill the blender full of food, then blend it up without putting the lid

Loose cannon:
Live on a sail boat and sail across the equater at the meridian

Ethael sparrow:
Write out of order on al the bathrooms in the school

Become a pirate

Jules 1996
Steal an Ice-Cream truck and drive to disneyworld

Dragon 1225
Act like Mommy's (Daddy's) perfect little angel for a week.
(works best if you have siblings)

Change someone's life by a single sentence • meet
someone lovely and have a 'happily ever after' • propose
on the eifel tower (however you spell tthat-the one in paris)
Have the courage to do something brave. Perhaps
something heroic

Run naked through a football game ! By the way thanks
for making my life a million times more interesting!!!!

Find a space in town bring a portable cd player, stick on t-rex
greatest hits and dance like a crazy bitch (or billy elliot)

HAPPY 2008!

I want to give my eyes to the blind people

Eliza Wang:
Finish seeing 120 films by the end of the year 2007.

Jack Thayer:
Start your own religion • Go to a foreign country and
convince a someone that you
are a local • Write a sequel
to an already existing movie or book.

Janis Sankowski:
Night-time tobogganing in the swiss alps

The Steve Irwin Memorial:
Go to Australia Zoo (Home of the Crocodile Hunter)

Venis Rome:
I am go to travel to this amazing world.

Have sex in a changing room.

get eaten by a shark

Sea cliff climb (so fun but scary :s)

Keiko Kawaguchi (Hull):
Get a tattoo of your own face on your back*

Bungie jump off a helicoper*

See how much money you can make pan-handling in one day

Finish the rubik's cube

Eat ever
y ice cream sort... • • • •
create a facebook profile, /
Help me to do the #72 here

Hiro Nakamura:
Save the cheerleader,save the world.

Make love on the forrest floor

Help Lindsay and Lee to think of challenges.... Hi all - this is
Lindsay and Lee from - This
site is perfect for us! Can you please give us 101 challenges
via the "Challenges" page on our site? - We're leaving
Scotland for a year to travel Asia and need some amazing
and wierd things to do. Check us out - and have fun!

Go swimming with sharks (in a cage, of course!)

Grab your Backpack and travel for one year in foreign
countries and enjoy the backpacker life.. everybody should
have done this before...

Someone who is working on the Kamasutra challange:
Make over 50 euros/bucks whilst doing street theatre

Tom Honeybourne:
French kiss under water

Do a fake wedding with you best (gay or rich) friend.
After the wedding you could travel in a honeymoon.
15 days after you are divorced.

Buy 101 things to do before you die &
complete..every.single. one!!! =D

Dance in the street, not a holy day, just an ordinary
day / Knock the door of a house you don't know, and
give a gift to the guy who have open the door / Send a
bottle in the sea** / When adult, have a day at school
with children / Show the stars to children.

Ride a dog

Kiss Cool:
Travel Paris-Beijing with only £1 a day

Blow a condom up like a balloon

Abseil a building for charity / go 'sphereing' (Zorbing)
Walk on hot coals (with a trained professional)

sit naked for an art class / jaxx: visit the amazon rainforest
be happy in your own body

Meet at least one person from every continent in the world

Read the entire dictionary

Hello! great idea of color of this siyte!

Alex Morne:
Touch a corpse in a funeral

Visit an art auction at Sothebys and claim that
the paintings are fake.

Ruin the moment with a well timed "That's What
She Said! Wooooo!"

Ride an elephant, a camel, a donkey and a llama

have sex in a telephone box

Be a Surrogate Mother

Solve the mystery to the rossetta stone

Go paragliding or paramotoring

Hot Guy No .1:
Dance your heart out & kiss the love of your life at the end of
year disco at your school!

Eat breakfast overlooking Red Square.

Read the bible backwards (even every word backwards)
on christmas.

Climb a tree and fall out

Have a spider man kiss (upside down) in the rain
seriously you wont forget it • tell the person you dated
at highschool they were crap kissers theyll get real paranoid!

Memorise the Quran in it's original Arabic and your native tongue.

Make Love in Eiffel Tower

Eat in the restaurant at the top of the Eiffel Tower

Visit Vienna and sing the Billy Joel Song

Chickens 00l:
Create a mythical beast

Visit the Your Things Archive