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Give somebody really bad makeup when they are sleeping! • Draw eyes
on your chin and take pictures of it • Go to Glasonbury festivalMadison Ryan:
Sneak into peoples houses roll yardsIzzy:
Go in a big big limoElinor Andrews
Live without any electricity for a week.Sophia Rath:
I would like to know wat would u do when me and me friends club when we
have sleepoversJessie Loves JJ:
Make up a bebo and make it really cool

Anoy your siblings SOOOOO Much that they go outside so you can't bug them

Get sick (hey it is better than being old and boring)

Get as High as I can - meaning this could be done by going skydiving,
hot air balloon ride*, bungee jumping*, sky gliding • go to the moon • do something unexpected
• gamble in las Vegas • fall in love • save a life* • invent something*
and try to get it patented • make a difference*

jane 336:
See all of shakespeare's plays live on stage • Visit every cathedral in the UK
and take a photo of the most interesting detail (there are 97) • travel by 25
different modes of transport including camel, hsuky sledge, snow scooter,
falluja and 3 masted schooner • complete a 200 mile long distance walk carrying everything you
need on your back • do without your car for 6 consecutive months • become a politician and make
a difference • get on first name terms with a
member of the royal family

auccl 799:
Attend a state wedding/funera

ltsy b:
Find a homeless person and take them for a meal

Yasmin Moink:
Try and do stuff thats bad luck for one whole day and see if it works or
do the opposite and do things to do with good luck

Naomi (Holland):
Talk and write only in rhymes for one day • Get your whole class to act as if they're
zombies for a day (Be quiet and stare at the teacher) • Fill your bath with popcorn

Craig Davies:
Make a timecapsule of your time for others to see.

Eat a big piece of cheese and fudge at the SAME TIME!

Dominic Ahoka:
Make a prank without your parents knowing

Eat a whole lemon in one go!

Write 'Insert Brain Here' On A Bald Person's Head!Shannon:
When ever they try to talk just go beep all the way through and get louder
and louderHunnie bunnie:
Be good for a day then be bad for a day • hop all round your local shop until your mum/dad tell you off

Go to some party out of town unstrew the light bulb and put strechy wrap
over the toilet • Start reading a book upside down from the back... when
someone ask you why just say I'm a reincarnation of Leonardo Da Vinci
but that's really none of your businessKelli:
Touch an alien • Create a robot • Make your pet into a weird creature
Land on the moon • Weigh over 600 poundsAurora:
Learn to annoy someoneHAPPY 2008!Ryan:
Dont talk for a dayJessica:
Kiss sombody in front of your crush (different sex of you) or who is
crushing on youGhostgirl:
Eat chicken and peas for breakfast

Finish a rubix cubeEleanor:
Ride in a hot air balloon, try to get a perfect attendence record for one year,
try to blow the biggest bubble ever with bubble gum, Write for the school
newspaper, (if you don't have a school newspaper, start one!)Zahra:
Eat some mentos and then drink some diet coke straight away • Jump of a
skyskraper and do some flips and then land on 5 trillion matresses • Make
your own book and get it published* • Don't listen to anyone for a whole da
• Stay up on Christmas Eve and eat lots of candy • Act sick for a week and
miss out on boring stupid school* • Become a goth and get an extreme
Gothy Makeover • Read all the Harry Potter Books in 1 day • Don't smile
in any photos and get in trouble by your mum and dad.Whizzkidtom:
Hack a lift: Press the "Door close" button at the same time as the button
of the floor you want to go! This will put the lift into "Express Mode"
and It will go straight to the floor YOU want to go to!Joe Waters:
Snog a celebrity in front of a large crowdCloe Savannah Hotham:

Why dont you try pharuchuting in you next book i am a fan!!!
When you're in a library, go to the person who seems most engrossed in
their book and ask them to leave. When they ask why, say "You know the rules."Lindsey:
Don't talk for an entire day
Do research for fun
Do a scrapbook
Give up internet for 3 days, it will help you
connect again with the world around you.
See 5 movies in one day
Read a 1000 page book11:
Watch T.V. for a whole day from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Go to see marsEve:
Don't talk for an intire dayGary:
I always run out of things to sayKes:
Go bugee jumping off a bridge*Rowan:
Write a book in which the first words are The End and ends in Once upon a timeRupert:
Learn sign language****
Write to someone famous you admire*
Drink 5 pints of water before going to bed!Powerserg:
Go a day without talking
See a famous work of art in person
Buy front row tickets to a concert
Face a fear*
Throw a surprise party for someone**
Donate blood*
Sell/buy something on ebay*
Alexander J. Ktorides:
Write "INSERT BRAIN HERE" on the back of a bald man's head / Star as a
guest character on The Simpsons / When you're staying in a hotel, pretend
you're lost and knock on every
door until you reach your room
Go bugee jumping off a bridge*Zara:
Thing No.102 - Do the Robot dance in front of your crush

Mimi xx:
Make a book called "The pointless book of pointless sayings"

Invent your own robot who will do your homework
for the rest of your life * * * *XxXxxXxXxX 000 xXxXxXxX:
When your stuck in a traffic jam ,play truth or dare
and get into sumones car and have a chat. While
your doing that ask one of your brothers or sisters
2 wear your mums bra•••MAZ•••
Learn to do sign language!! * * * *

Drink milk until it comes out of your nose and write
to your favourite author – I have done both several times

Alexander J. Ktorides:
Invent a new fizzy drink * * * *CJ:
Try not to blink for a whole minuteAnne:
Try to fly *Bash:
Run the marathon *Alice:
Skate bourd or surf or street race
or go propelling of of cliffs in hawiiJack of Wales:
Run round yer local village yelling "THE END HAS COME,
THE END HAS COME!". Whenever sum1 laughs or points
at you run up to them and yell "MAY LEPRICAUNS EAT YOUR
BRAIN!". Stick a friend in a bush with a camera and make them
record it, then post it on youtube. Set it as "THE END HAS COME"alice :
Organise a big event like a ball or a dicso with a themeSwissbill:
hi, i think there should be a book called 101 things to do at high school
finish the rubik's cubechristina:
løpe med bikibi ned hele karljohansgate, og haike fra skippergata... =DJoseph:
Spend a whole day watching TV!Mark Slate:
VooDoo Radio Controlled 3 in 1 Boat Plane and CarSamdinho:
Ring your mate and say you need money from them.
Trust me its funny because they will hang up on you.

Try and run 5 miles without stopping to catch you're breath!!!!!!Woozle:
Go up to someone in a restaurant and ask if you can join them
for dinner / Stand on a busy street corner and look up. Point if
you want. Have a camera hidden somewhere to see how many
people look up at nothing with you!

Kiss the girl/boy you want when you play spin the bottle

im badly bruised:
Give a hyperactive friend coca cola or coffee and watch the results.

Go into a shop and ask for someting on the shelf.
( the higner up the better) when they get it, say you
didnt want that one, and ask for something different.
do this a couple of times then ask for the most expensive
thing on the shelf. fiddle around with some change and
then claim you dont have enough money

Make your own top trumps

Harry Potter:
Eat bombay duck / pretend to faint in public / buy a baby book
and say at the till in a dopey voice" 4 me" / When u go on a lift
press all the buttons

See how long you can hold your breath

Go to a fish shop and ask for cheese and washing up liquid!

Polly Bell:
Get over a fear eg. hights

Find the meaning of life

Live in a box for a week

Amelia Johnson:
Go snorkiling,or you could send a message on a balloon!

Pyromanics United:
Rule the world and get people to help you do it by promising
them gold when you're king but actually not.

Alex Morne:
Eat the ÇspécialitéÈ of each country.

Start an adventure and get friends to go with you

Erin H-H:
Do funny things with your tounge,like make a flower, i can do it!

Go to a public place and yell out, "Hey loser!" and see how many
people turn around / Tickle an authority

Erin H-H:
Do funny things with your tounge,like make a flower, i can do it!

Say i love u or do i 2 confuse a guy u lyk him

Go parachuting or something like that

Tayla likes lollipops:

Go to the mall and say to random people "hi ashley i haven't seen you in ages"
lie to a random person that you are related to a really famous person(you
can even put on an accent)

Visit every library that you can! Read every book that is worth reading that
you can get your hands on.

anon 2:
When your in a big crowd of people start shouting 'NIGEL! NIGEL!' as if
you are searching for 'nigel' then ask random people 'have you seen
nigel? ' trust me its so funny!

Alexander J. Ktorides
Go To A New school And Fake A french accent. When you leave,
return to your normal accent • Learn How To insult someone And Get
away With It

be old and boring. ;)

Make a book on practicle jokes that u can do with house hold items

Go on an adventure every friday

Complete every playstaion game ever made

Scary to most
When u recieve an invitation and it says 'wear a tie/headband
sword ect, wear that item but nothing else!

Go around the world in 80 days

Sally 1234:
Make a guard laugh outside Buckingham Palace in London!!!

design my own car

Jump up n down n wave at some one you don't know when out in public

a invisible girl to most:
Pretend you have a split presonality every other day. on the other days
act like it never happened. find a person that you met briefly and pretend
you were best friends.

@((((((!!!VbaLL_lUVr13!!!)))))@ / Mattie:
1. Skydive!!!
2. Visit all Disney Parks (Disneyland, Disney World, Disney Toyko, ect)
3. Visit the world's tallest building *
4. Learn to surf
5. take sandcastle building lessons
6. press all of the elevator buttons for someone else!!!
7. visit Antarctca *
8. be a mime for a day
9. Throw a SURPRISE party
10. Create a piczo (

Sophia Hendle:
Get your self noticed. Scream to your school "Hello, my name is..."
Live your life being noticed by greeting people. Sit next to people you
have no clue who they are. Live life at its fullest.
I have a couple of things
1.Be a chav for a month
2.When in a public place kiss every boy you see an the cheek
3.If your a boy where a skirt or a dress,if a girl where a tie

Learn braille

Be more chill

Connor Wilkinson:
Become a olympic ice skating champion.

Win a spelling bee
Blow Up a Caravan

Be old and fun

Top 5 things to do in a lift:
1.stare at somebody until they notice you then scream
"youre one of them!!!" cower in the corner of the lift.
2.Offer to press buttons for people
3.Take peoples coats as they walk thru the door.
4.Say some thing over and over (eg: moomoo im a cow
moomoo im a cow etc) and after about 5 mins say "Wow! Daja vu!!"
5.Pretend to spew and watch every one fight to be first to get out of the lift.

Make a security guard say sorry

Kelley Citrin:
I have five suggestions
1.Go on national TV lobbying for a random cause you know nothing about
2.Go to a Star Wars Convention as a Klingon
3.Eat chinese food in Italy
4.Order a chocolate deep-fries twinkie
5.Try and sneak bottled water onto a plane.

A guy:
On a bus tell everyone to do a We Will Rock You clap and chant

Kelley Citrin:
I have five suggestions 1.Go on national TV lobbying for a random
cause you know nothing about 2.Go to a Star Wars Convention as
a Klingon 3.Eat chinese food in Italy 4.Order a chocolate deep-fries
twinkie 5.Try and sneak bottled water onto a plane.

Evry1 luvs pie:
Be young and boring

Evry1 luvs pie lol:
Sell something really expensive for a small price e.g. 'sell a real
Lambourghini Murcillago for £5'

Evry1 luvs pie lol:
Eat some Steak pie in the middle of the path in a public place
on a rug with cake in a hamper!! lol
Smile and wave at someone you dont know to see their reaction

Read lots of dudey books... I recommend looking for jj its so good i cried !!!

Get kicked out of a store

Utah USA:
First of all John cena rocks nver mind i have no suggestions

Just simply stare at everyone you see and if they say something or
look at you in a funny way, just yell, "I'M A PINK MARMOZAT, FEAR ME!
FEAR ME! FEAR MEEEEEEEE!" Then pretend to faint/die on the spot

Walk round your local town with a fairy wand
and scream PING at people you don't know.... its fun

Podface 1:
Talk jibberish to everyone you know to annoy them • Get a load of paper
and use the paper and a pen to communicate with everyone • Tell
everyone your from a different planet and speak your own language
and go round licking door nobs and speaking to furniture

If ur a boy go into an all girls school and run around,
and do the opposite if your a gal

Podface 2:

Get a water pistol and have a water fight in a public place with your
friends • Hug a random person you don't know • Make up an imaginar
friend and sit on a bench and talk to him/her and pretend you cant hear
anyone else • Turn your music up full blast and dance as though no one
can see you • Eat as much cake as you can without being sick When your
with all your friends ... make them do a group hug

Do Me:
Make random slogans,put them on posters, and stick them in
public places,e.g. 'keep britain tidy:stay at home'

Podface 3:
Decide a date on which you think the world is going to end... tell
everyone the world is going end on that day and on that morning
run round screaming "THE WORLD IS GOING TO END" • Run round
• Memorise some shakespeare and quote it at your parents

COMPLETED: 101.1 TTD No 16 - Get into the Guinness Book of World Records

Save trees wipe your bum with an owl!!

Mousey: i hav a good 1 although it may involve gettin excluded or
sumthin... 1. in a meeting/classroom when everyone is quiet, stand
up and start singin. 2. buy popcorn or icecream, and keep droppin it
on the floor.. buy 1... drop... buy 1 ... drop... buy 1... drop... oops im so
sorry... 3. whilst on a public bus take off your shirt or trousers and throw
them out the window 4. how many forward wolls can you do in one go???
you feel a LITTLE sick after about 5... 5. at your birthday party, as you blow
out the candles smash your face into the cake 6. eat all the cake at a party
7. play knock-and-dont-run simply knock on a door and stand there<(0)_(0)>

James C Maxwell:
Jjoin karate,plant a tree - to help the world,see you're fab actor or singer
and buy there autograph

Call the local shopping channel and when they say how
may i help you say no thanks im just browsing • Stand up
in the middle of a meeting/lesson and randomly do the Y.M.C.A
i did and i can never hear that song with out feeling phycical pain
and laugthing til i cry.

Go out with your friends/family/both to a public place and shout
nigel nigel we all like a bit of nigel really loudly and then go up
up to a complete stranger and say alright nigel.

collect lots of rubber ducks!!! lol :)


Play in the Royal Albert Hall • Get into every sports team you're allowed
in at your school/university or in your county/village/town/city

Snog your girlfriend in school

xxx Hammi xxx
Talk about socks and cheese and MONTY PYTHON!!!!!!!
and stuff and anoying little sisters to a randome person for a few hours!!!!!!!!

To be able to ask a girl out without getting nervous

Try This!
Go around for a whole day in your pjamas or duvet!

fly a kite

Cierra and Suzanna
You should go: Skydiving, Bungee jumping, Snorkaling, Say
hi to random people – And last of all: Do the things on this list

make my room my dream room
Seriously sick in the mind
Smack a cute guy on the bom!!

Pick your nose in public

At a sleepover with your m8s once their asleep through a bucket of
water over them

Climb through a window in the middle of the night

Jump of the leap of faith on high ropes

Harriet Oswick
To make someone you don't know jump

Rache McMurray
This isn't really a thing to do but i suggest that you do "Bury a
Time Capsule" Last so that you can put this book in it

Go to school wearing your pants on your head

Have a sugar rush!

meet john cena the famous wrestler.move to new york with
my best m8.i also want go to spain and tenereaf


Rebecca Oseman
Play a Practical joke on your dad

Courtney the cute cookie
These series of books r brill + i definatly think u should
do one about schools! or even embarrassing things to
do eg mack a fool out of yourself in public(like i do on a daily basis, lol)

Do something scary

In town or somewhere like that whare ear plugs/phones that
arnt plugged into somthing and dance and sing to the 'music'
that you arnt listning to, see how many people give you a strance look! lol

Really annoy people in a lift like:
1)Stad with your face in a corner of the lift and never get off
2) Say ding at every floor
3) Say welcome abord to everybody who gets on the lift
4) Crash from side to side as if you are in a storm on a boat

Probably best to do this one on a weekend-mim
the whole day and dont say anything!

Grace Ann
Pierce you ear(s)

Speak out your whole day like a narrator in a book like
how u feel, wat u doing,ect / 2 save up enuogh money in
3 years to buy something you always wanted like a car,
dog, plasma,ect.

101 ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Plz Writers Of 101 Series Make One About School
Like "101 Things to Survive School"

Be completely obonoctius for a day

I'd love to have the perfect guy!!!

Annie Collins
Call out peoples names wile hiding somewere they can't see you

Mad Boy
Keep staling your brother's or sister's stuff until
they get mad / Make a torchlightRachael
Jump down the gap in the san andreas fault line with
a parachute then let the hot air rise you back up again
I dont know if it would work but it sounds cool!Alex
Fight each otherKirzi
Fulfill your life long dream,(if you have one)Laurie Howarth
Become a hippi for a week / ha ha ha I dunnoMoi x.x.x
Touch evrery cuteguys ass all day long!!

Throw tomatoes in your enemy's face, they'll go as red as a tomato!

i am a girl so here is my suggestion: say to a boy (who
HASN'T asked u out) "why do u want 2 go out with me?
i really fancy u so much, how about a pizza?"

Weirdo Kid
Tell your teacher that u really fancy a boy in your class
and ask her/him if it's possible 2 write that on the whiteboard!

The Crazed Lunitic ...
Make up rubbish sayings like one night i woke up and looked up
to the stars and thought to myself where the hell is the celing

Prank call a televison game show

Tell your enimy everyting you think about him. He'll be red as tomato!

Jazz Allen
I would love to hike the Appalacian trail fully • learn how to surf
in AustrailaFall in love and marry a nice guy (and if he has a British
accent, that is a total plus)traveland find a job that I love to do

Read 101 Things To Do Before You're Old and Boring.

Play knock-door-run on a house everyday untill people get mad

Tejal Jadaavji
Jump out of a plane!!see yourself in a newspaper
or television!!make a invention!

Get a girlfriend get you to make a book all about annoying teachers
get a good job and a good car some one email me

Explore the meaning of life

Already old and boring
Get a teaspoon to stick to your nose for 10 seconds
(lick it first) this is rather tricky but i did it today!
Watch all 10 series of Friends non stop.
Yes all 236 episodes - 118 hours of non stop friends!

Travel all the way from the most south point in the uk to
the most north point for charity or something

Eat a whole giant gobstopper without smashing it up

Conduct evil plan to destroy earth • Wait untill your old & boring for this
one. Get this book for your grand children • Make a book called 101
things to do while at school 1. dont do your home work an say my dog ate it

Get groumpy with your parents

Jacob Zuma
Go bunchee jumping in south-africa
Pretend you have ants in your pants at a public place by
screaming "AHHHHHH!!! I have ants in my pants!!!"

Try putting a tack on your teachers chair

Snog a boy under the stars!

Meet the prime minister and (make sure u have tv cameras filming)

Your mother
Do kariokie in a bar or pub, mind you don't get banned... xxx

I think one should be spending new years in a different country

Got a girl freind

Climb a real rockface

Rooster Mad Incar
Crash a christmas sermon dressed as the devil

Some smelly hippy
Discover the meaning of life

Alice Bean
Have romantic first kiss

Make a wooden sword

On an airplane, announce not to leave your children
unattended and that all unattended children will be eaten.
See what happens.

Have an ice cream eating compertition with your friends -
see who can finish first!

Go to a skating rink and skate dance

Jessica Almond
Camp out under the stars • Stand out from the crowd
Go a
whole week without saying 'Goodbye' but insted saying 'I'm
away laughing on a fast camel'

Learn to make a present for somebody
(without having to buy one)

Dance non stop for ages. Try to dance
longer than your mates, like they did on Big Bro 7

Build a treehouseDo a treasure huntDo a scavenger hunt

Jess xx
Win an oscar


Haz & Mikey:
Boys- Grow your hair over your eyes
Girls- Cut it shorter than your brothers or your friend whos a boy

Flint Warner:
Kiss the girl of my dreams. Ilove you liz!!! ill love u forever...
Will u merry me!!!

Becky: Do some extreme sport • go zorbing • act on a crime drama
like csi or ncis (cas they are the best shows ever!)
win an oscar or some award

Hum very loudly all day

Rooster n mad:
Run nude across the stage of yor vave band!

Marina :)
Sing as loud as u can(with ur friend/s) in the rain at a
really crowded place!

Be mean to all your friend • Go to walmart go in the bathroom
and squart ketchup all over like blood • read this whole list

Holly-Lana: Trick your mum by:
1. get her make-up and smudge on your face.
2. make sure she`s asleep
3. Tap her on her shoulder and see her face!
(a tip: for a more spooky affect put a torch under your face!)

Be young and boring (just for a day)

jordan khan
Please make a book called 101 things to do when your boared at school

Sherilynn Macale
Do all of the things that you're not allowed to legally do until
you reach a certain age. It's more fun that way, anyway. ;)

Paige Elise
Make a wil and at ur funeral if ur bein cremated play da song
burn baby burn lol

Stand up to a person who you fearLie and make everyone
believe you are telling the truthTell everyone how beautiful
and gorgerous you think you are and thank them for worshipping
you as their idol, even if they did not say so themselves. lol

Be old and exiting instead

Hayley and Taylor
We really want to drive our sister crazy but how do we do it??????????

Go on tv and scream really loudddd!!!!!!!! Also,
tell everyone that you are the worst person eva and they
are super-cool (even your worsest enemies!)

Eat as many plain cream crackers as you can until you can't eat any more

Fall in Love • Touch a Star • Find a cure for Cancer • Have a baby •
Be 100% comfortable in your own skin • Solve all issues you've
ever had with someone, life's too short to hold grudges!

Kitty Kat 0011
Collect all of the 101 things to do books and complete all of the tasks!!!

Katie the Kitten fairy
to stand in the same place until u can not any more

If theres this really weird kid and thgere realllly ugly go
up and say your my idol

Kill george bush

i think a funny thing to do would be at skool and when the
class bully walks in,go up to him,snog him and then slap him
round the face infront of everyone - i think another funny thing
to do would be to go up to the boy you fancy and snog him
infront of everyone whether your going out wid him or not
read the doomsday book if you do, my history teacher
will pay you £100 its true ive got half way! lol

Cram an entire burger in your mouth then, without even
chewing, go up to a girl and ask her out

Find the end of the rainbow and collect the gold

Get struk by lightening

Have a pen pal

Hannah Davis
Go on a double date with your friends!

Janet. D. Alavis
Kick your parents up the butt

See the 7 world wonders

Charlie Winch

Tell the person you have a crush on that you like them.

Plant a tree indoors.

Georgina Phillips
Go in a rich hotel

Kiss the guy your crushing on then kiss his best
friend! see if the guy your crushing on cares

Fart in the headteacher's office and shout, was that you?!!!?!!

tella: have a first kiss

To do a sausage roll in a deep puddle on a cold day

Meet your idol. Your favourite band*

Kimberly H
Go all over Alberta and take pictures of the biggest things(biggest mushrooms, biggestmallard duck, etc.)

Sarah phelan
Meet a movie and get their autograph*

Create an outfit. It's cool!
Create a play. It's really fun to act your own creations out!

tell every1 that u have got a very dangerous desease
which could catch easily. and tell every1 that the only
reason u are @ skool is coz your mom don't know

Build your own website* / **

Be really weird for a day and say stuff like "hello gorgeous"
to a discusting boy. and snog the 1st boy you see at school!

Read a book in an hour (has to be more than 160 pages)

Lenny Henry
Stave yourself all month of chocolate

Be really weird for a day and say stuff like "hello gorgeous"
to a discusting boy. and snog the 1st boy you see at school!

Be an extra in a film*

Spend a whole day with no sweets

Ryan John Richardson
Go down niagara falls in a canoe

Ryan John Richardson

Climb everest in less than 12 hours

Give your hair a trim with your mum's scissors or cut your
bro/sister's hair when they're asleep!!

Play 'bomb' on a train/plane/moving public vehicle. Players 2+.
Simlar to 'Bogies'. The aim of the game is to shout 'bomb'
slightly louder than the last player. The winner is the person
who makes the most heads turn, or in this case - the most
people move away or off the vehicle.

Mat Bush
To ride a donkey or a horse

Bex and Charlottie
Throw a party and threaten anyone who can't come so they do. then on the day dont turn
up and have a go at your m8s becaUSE U HELD THE PARTY ON THE NEXT DAY
just dont tell them that

Make private web sites

Spend a whole day not saying anything!

Swim a mile

James b
Ride a dead monkey down a big hill and film it and put on da net

Go skydiving off a cliff and forget the parachute!!!

watch as much TV as possible!!
print out stickers

Minister of Rainbow Chickens
Be as random as a fishy banana. I like Monks, but
Elmo said that he would eat my toes if i didn't sell the
woodglue. My aunt's pajama's had a strange green oinion
on them, but she decided to be a Rainbow Chicken
... like me

Eat a worm every time you have spaghetti

Achieve a top score on an arcade game

Have your cake and eat it too

Climb to the top of a mountain - then roll down it!

See how long you can stare at a light

Von Nob
Be a pirate

Go swimming or bowling

Mrs. Bing
Kiss the Blarney stone and develop the gift of gab

Use your other hand to eat/write/etc. for a whole week

I wanna c chelsea play n meet frank lampard

lay catch with a ball of fire

Start a rumour about yourself doing somthing funny.

Read every single word in a dictionary!

Ya got a problem wit me?!!
Sell bottled air, but say that it's actually air that elvis presley breathed

Sleep in the Car

Make a crazy group called something like frogglally and
go roung chanting rhyms for the group

Go around the world in 79 days.

Feek (hot person)
Make a list of all the hot lads u know than give each
of them a copy of the hot lads list and see what they think


Try and ask that guy/girl you like ?

Sleep in a public building overnight
(i did in an opera house on the rehearsal stage),
but u mustnt work there!!!

Put all your christmas decorations up for one day in the summer hols
and put lights up outside and stuff and then take them all down
like nothing happend!

Make yor own video on your webcam and/or make a
FUNNY & CRAZY music video with your friend

Watch TV for a year every day from 12.00 to 12.30

Go up to some random and say U look fit

Go up to sum 1 whos the same gender and say I love you so much

"Make a treasure box with things to remind you of good times -
like shells from the sea, stones, tickets"

" start a club naming the club arter YOU but make the club fun"

"Go Kiyaking and canoing in a lake or body bourding"

"Travel all the way around the world"

The best
"Get messy. it's fun to get covered in messy things"

"Become someone's biggest fan. Make a T-shirt, banners
and badges. Send them cards and presents"

"You get paper and ball alot of sheets with layers then
you get a pencil and stab it . this helps you get you anger
out especially when you are mad"

"Jump and swim in a river"

The Hotties
"Take a poo on a rock in a public place thn
when sum1 comes past blame it on the 'dirty dogs!!!"

Write a will

"Be random 4 a day"

"See a shooting star / Be left and right handed / Hug 50 trees"

"Stand in the middle of a tornadoe. It's cool!"

"Jump off the empire state building
and email me when you hit the bottom"

El Kempino
"Late at night, swap EVERYTHING in your garden
for next doors garden, placing items exactly how they
were, but in your garden. Then stay up for the rest of the
night to watch them in the morning"

" Have only A+ in school. Have it for whole year.
On certificate have only A+. Have FUN!"

"Go on an obstical course in the trees theres loads
around the country"

"If ur still in some sort of school, find a well known gek
in your year ,, and worship him ofr a day , "because hes
your idol" :D . basically hasle him , with happyness"

"Be a pop star a sing at a concert"

"Make a fool of your self and then the next day
say it was your sister/brother"

"Bungy jump off the tallest building in the uk"

"Wear your oppostite sex's clothes for a day"

"Write a romantic message in a bottle"

"Go in a flying simulator!"

"Be someone's biggest fan! Make a t-shirt with their
face on and wear it all the time, make a fan club, write a biography!"

" See How much toast you can shove in your best mates Gaming console"

" kiss someone u fancy then the next day pretend it didn't happen!"

"Fart next to your teacher and shout ha ha"

"Write continuous letters to the prime minister complaining about something,
then after doing it 4 2 months, write again sayin that the problem is solved but still whine
at him for not tryi g to solve it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Kiss someone u fancy then the next day pretend it didn't happen!"

"Visit the queen!!!"

Danielle Rind
"Park you car in your neighbours lawn,
the neighbours u never really liked... "

"Next time its casual day @ skool, go in dressed as someone
very posh/sloppy. go the whloe day acting like this!!!!!"

Greatest Gal Evar!
"Copy your annoying sis or bro, exagerating madly.
Dont stop till they give u a seriously fab reward!!"

"Freefall jump from an aeroplane"

Tarek Arafa
"the bok is great,usful and BRILLIA"

"I think...
~build a treehouse then live in it 4 a weekend
~learn 2 play a sport and get really good at it...
~hate something you love:football
~love something you hate:the ugliest,supidest,
~silliest boy/girl in the class"

Amber Golding
"Ask out some one uve fancied 4 a loooooong
time – if u put that in ill do it pwomise"

Sarah Collings
"Learn to knit. I know it's usually associated with old and
boring people but it's really fun to learn and make a
nobbly holey scarf"

"Go on a zip line even if you hate heights. i went on i one
and im scared of heights. try it itll really boost your confidence"

"Set a world record the biggest blown bubble of chuwing
gum ever !!!"

"Dear 101 things to do, in your book you should add in 'Give
a sneeze muffin to someone u hate' buy a muffin and put it
nicely on a special plate. When you offer it to the person you
hate, sneeve on it , hand it over, say sorry, and pretend it was
an accident!"

"Pretend to be someone your not and see if you can fool people"

No 1 Lindsay Lohan fan!
"Dance around an go crazy in front of your boyfriend!!!
He He Ive done it. Its Fun!!!!!!"

Michi b
"You could save all your choclates and sweets and then
eat them all up in one go"

"Make a new world record"

"Hiya, recently i tried thing 2 do no.2. It was really fun but
just be careful. Dont do it in a big place like a mall a me
nd my m8 got banned for the day :( eek! do it in a shop
or sumin were there rnt loads of security guards!!!! Hope
this helps u NOT get in 2 much truble!!! hehe Lv yaz all
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxTaraxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

"Say yes to everything life gets alot more fun"

"Eat pizza till u get really fat then join a really expensie gym"

"Be a copy cat for a day - pick a person, wear
EXACTLY the same clothes as them (well.. close
enough), go to the same places and say the same
things to the same people... it'll freak people out!"

i love me
"love yourself"

i love everyone
"love everyone else"

Be happy
"Dont take drugs, unless you need to get better"

i always trerat myself, im not spoilet
"Spend ur money on what you want to spend
it on. treat yourself!!!"

A hopeful lottery winner
"win the lottery!!!" *

Do something first *

"Make your own video of anything!!
(not a slide show a proper video)"


"Keep turning the light switch on and of and
go "Oh i see" and then just act normal, and say "hehe"

" In a crowded place put a mobile to your ear as if
you are phoning someone then have a pretend
arguement really LOUDLY and ignore the stares you get!"

" Make a word that will go into a dictionary" *

Holly Rachel Ireland
"Mabe you could show us, how to help us to get out of
trouble, when you're brother/sister blames you for things
you didn't do, and show us a way to try and stop other
people like you're brother/sister, winds you up, and
dives you crazy"

"Karate chop the worst teacher in the school on
the head on your very last day in that school!"

Sell Bottled Air

mmm... dogfood
"Eat Dog food"

Malaysian Mista Monkey
"Make a Company with your friends when you're
still like only 10! That's what I did!"

"Discover the meaning of life" / "Try to RULE THE WORLD"
"Be king/queen for a day! " / "Live without any of your stuff
in your room for a month" * / "Bake/cook everything in a
cookbook" / "Try to be old AND boring for a day to see
what it's like to be old and boring (while your still young!)"
"Travel the world in 80 days" - All suggestions from Monkey girl

"Jump off the grand canyon "
Baby girl

"In your next book one of the things you could
add is do a stunt like driving in a car then jumping out"
Weird girl

"Make a new language with your friends"

Sofia Zaleeva
"Eat something that is still alive"

"Be a hero!"

"Make a CD"

i luv roxy
"Ride in a supermaket trolly up and
down the iels its well fun!"

Cool girl 101
"I think we should knit a scarf!!!"

"Get a pen pal from peru"

"Give up your life saving for what you really
want... e.g- a house, a car etc"
2 4 joy

"To keep a diary of all my life..."
1 4 sorrow

"Walk from Lands End to John O'Groats and time
how long it takes you using a stopwatch"
Pizza Mmmmm

"In school (assembly or classroom) do a really loud burp
and the next day pretend u don't remember that it happened!
Ghostgirl (The phantom)

"Make a picnic, climb a tree and eat the picnic
(make sure u don't fall out!)"
Ghostgirl (The phantom)

"Go mad at school 4 a day, then the next day
pretend it never happened!"
Ghostgirl (The phantom)

"Eat meals u have never tasted or eaten b4 4 a day!"
Jessi, Hill Head

"Play an instrument on the backing track of some classy,
popular song thats on tv!"

"One of the things i really want to do before im "old and boring"
(who says you have to be old AND boring?) is write and
direct/perform a play or pantomime"

"I Want 2 Be a Millionnare!!!"
Sabah, Malaysia

"To desighn a new bed"

"Come up with a really odd phrase.... Could just be two
random words, perhaps muched together... Now try and
create song lyrics about it! If you like you can even create
a tune to sing it to!"
Emu inspired by a Lizard:

"Go to italy and publish a novel"

"Be the best 4 a day!!"

"2 go up 2 a boy i used 2 really like (with out my boyfriend
finding out) and give him a really long sloppy kiss and see
if im still obcesed"

"Make a scrapbook of my life"

"I think that one of the things you could do that isn't
in the book is that you could do a sponsered read for
world book day and the money could go to a charity!
Go on try it!"
Mary Wilson

"Do a survey on people and if they are wearing black
socks then hug them, if they are wearing green socks
then kiss them on the cheek and if they are wearing
blue socks then say they are swimming in a very deep
pool and they are about to be eaten by a shark. If people
are not wearing A. No socks Then sing a song or
B. Another colour sock then walk away."

"Smootch someone in school"

"Be the best because YOU are!!!!!"
The Best

"To do a survey on 101 random people to see what they
would like to do before they are old and boring and then
publish the great ideas on their website"

"Do a survey on 456 people and see if they like how you look"

"Listen to funky old peoples music"

"Find your family tree"
Dark Green

"Live Without Something You Love for 9 years"

"Make banana pankcakes every morning a nice"
light green

"Be the favourite of the family"
Pasta Salad

"Eat 5 doughnuts in a row without liking your lips"

"Play a game in the garden"

"Play a prank on the prime minister of America"
Lou Lou

"When in a shop put your ear phones in like your listening to
music then in the top of your voice start singing and dancing
if people are looking at you just act as if nothing is happening"
Almond White

"To get on a random bus and to go were ever it takes
you then maby take some other random buses and
when your fed up, try and make your way home"

"Attempt to fly in space"

"Get all the people back who copied you!!! urghhhhhhhh"

"Be a goth for a day, and act as if everything is normal. deny
everyone that mentions something, and then the next day go
back to normal"
Light pink/purple

"Reading all the harry potters in a night is not possible!"

"To tell your bad "friends" that they are whatever and all
your good friends that they are good!"

"Go shoping, kissing, playing, dancing and have FUN for 1 day!!"

"Spend a week doing anything you want to do when you
want to get the week off work and buy all the chocolate
you can get hold off and all the movies you want to watch
and pig out and dont care what anyones says"

"Climb to the top of a building and, using a megaphone
shout 'I love you, I love you all'"

"When your on a really crowded bus/train, Talk to someone
who isnt there"
Passionfruit / Mango

"Eat the Cat Food"

"Sell bottled air"

"Read all the harry potters in a night!!!"

"Actually go to a desert island, bring all the stuff you always
said you would bring, and see how it goes"
Jeff Vande Berg

"One of my number 1 things to do b4 i die is to sing infront
of 50,000 people"
:P no biggy :P

"Tell my best friend she's such an incidental & selfish faker.
Tell her boyfriend if I were him I'd better stay away from her as
far as I can. Tell my other best friend that it's unfair I was trying
to keep a distance between me & her crush while she went
french-kissing mine... Tell everyone I'm so sick of all the lies,
so fed up with all the be-kind-to-all-and-people- will-be-kind-to-
you nonsense."

"Stop animal testing"

"Tell a guy I have a crush on "I luv ya" face to face & watch
how he's gonna react,hehe! Never had enough courage to do so"
Thu Huyen

"interupt everyone's sentences for a day and see how popular you are!!!"

"Before i'm old and boring, i wanna go and c chelsea play
@ the bridge!!!!!"

"Decide what you would bring to a desert island"

"Get your suggestion on this website"
Danielle Rind

"Buy everything of something in a supermarket" (like 100 bottles
of washing up liquid)"

"Come to Quob stables in durley to come and see my horse Bailey"

"Every word you say has to be a swear word do this for a week"

"Do a surprise bithday party for someone no where near their
birthday. then it will be a SURPRISE!"
Kiwi Sturgess

"Eat a french exam paper, i did it and was sick!"
Eliott V

"Feed the animals where it says 'do not feed the animals'"
Eliott V

"Sell an air conditioner to an Eskimo"
Across the Pond - Art

"Dress up really badly as someone of the opposite sex and hit
on people in the supermarket."

"Fake ur own death and then pretend to be a ghost and haunt
people till they give u sweets"
Holly in Chesterfield

"Be Random"

"Follow someone around until they notice you"

"Become the class clown by pulling pranks on teachers,
geeks and dorks."
Da Big "H"

"Not talk for a whole day (best on da weekend)"
Holly or Da Big "H"

"Master those claw machines in arcades that give teddies and
other toys. It's easier than you think, you just have to practice
and use strategies. Don't run out of change" Vanwa

"Find a secret hidden room or compartment in your house"
Rusty conoboy

"World Peace"

"Pretend you're dead and miss school for a week"

"Make a tree house"

"Keep a diary"
Laurie brum brum

"Start a riot or a protest"

"Make a zine (small, self-published photocopied book / magazine)
about one of your passions or about yr life in general"
Moonshine hollow

"Go into a charity shop and mix up the pieces to 2 of the games
then buy one go back the nxt day and ask for a refund"
Monkey P

"Rhyme your sentances with a question someone asks you"
Kelly McDowall

"Stay under the table in school all day without the teacher knowing"

"Do 100 keepy ups with a football"

"Eat ketchup with EVERYTHING for a day!!!!!"
Annoyed Thing

"Throw a party while your mum and dad are gone and no guardians
permision!!!!!" - Already features in 101 Things To Do Before You Die

"Witness once in a life time astronomical event. (astroid impact,
Halley's comet,supernova, the end of the universe)"
Kirk P

"Start an international incident and get away with it"
Kirk P

"Try to sneak out of the classroomand wait outside and see how
long it takes for anyone to notice"

"Throw a suprise party for someone you know (the full thing not
just five people)"
Tom Cahill

"Just get out of here"
Monkey Mail

"Learn to spell"

"Flot in the dead see"

"Become brave"

"Make a pie and throw it at someone"

"Jump in a swimming pool in your clothes"

"ahv a easy life"

"Sing whatever you say!!"

"Go without talking all day, for no reason"
Ton Bally

"Walk around in your pajamas all day Outside tho, insides jut lame"

"Complete the longest wordsearch"
Sam Shipman

"Go scuba diving in egypt"

"Get well soon?, why not get well now! ppl (people) just want
you to suffer (ALWAYS SAY GET WELL NOW!)"

"Be in a famous movie - extra, main, ANYTHING!"

"Go to bed an hour earlier, every night for a week"
Alice Hinett

"Paint a portrait on your nails"

"Knit something"

"Buy everything in stock of a particular item in the
supermarket so the cashier thinks your a fatty"

"Invent your own robot who will do your homework for the rest
of your life"

"Make a robot to destroy all living things exept you and any one
else that you like"
Robbie Montieth

"Climb a huge tree"

"Train a dog To do stunts through a fire ring"

"Ask random people for autographs"
Naomi Endicott

"Convince someone that you have seen an alien"

"Become RICH!!!"

"Before i get old and borin i would like to have ate a lot of
chocolate and also to travel to new york and disney land!!!!!

"Be a bof!"

"Try to get your suggestion onto this webpage" I tryed and if
your reding this them i sucsses

"Make a space rocket that can realy fly"

"Make an exercise video in a public place"
Naomi Endicott

"Annoy your crabby teacher"
Emma McG

"Walk barefoot for a day
(outdoors indoors is cheating!)"
Naomi Endicott

"While your friends are sleeping put their fingers
into some warm water and in the morning they
would've wet themselves"
Saskia Alan

"Make a difference for another person"
Karen, Denmark

"Hide all your brothers pants and put in a
pair of girly knickers in his pants draw!"
Stephanie Wilson

"Kiss a frog"

"Stand on your head for 30 minuits"

"Teach your grandparents to surf the internet"
Lewis Roberts

"Finally learn the YMCA dance so that you do the letters
the correct way round"

"Get in the way of people taking pictures or videos"

"Half way through a film (You payed for)
sneak out and attemped to see as many
other movies in the same cinema without getting caught"

"Complete this book"

"Run a marathon, then an Ironman
triathlon, and then an ultra-marathon!"

"See ur fav band live and get a pic wiv da lead singer"


"Walk backwards on the way to school or work"

"Put fire on ur grannys nikers"

"Be an idiot in class and get every question wrong even if it's 1+1!!"

"Eat chocolate all day"

"Mimic your teacher behind their back for a whole week.
If you get caught, oh well!"

"Shout bogies in a posh restraunt"
Lauren Robertson

"Appear on the news as one of those annoying people who
wave in the background and make the presenter very annoyed!"
Clairey :)

"Have a fist fight with the Queen of England"

"Use the secret code to impress your friends
with your knowledge of 'russian' - dont let them
make you write it down though!"

"Have a mega cool sleepover!!"

"Ask the queen out on a date or if you can't
get her mabye any other royal family will do"
The youngster

"Eat a full cow to yourself"

"Go on a strike from skool 4 a week"
Emma [England]

"Be the loud annoying people having fun in the restaurant"

"Annoy your teacher for a day"

"Get Mcfly out of the charts as soon as possible"

"Run around a running track 20 times without stopping"

"Give money or food to a homeless person on the street"

"Dance naked under the moon"
Sarah Greenfield

"Skydive over somewhere really cool!"

"Grow a money tree by planting a pound"

"Eat 100 burgers at an all you can eat cafe"

"Make a web page and delete it within 1 millisecond"

"Acheive world domination"

"Rebel against the teachers of the world"

"Make a web page or log in page so you can keep an up date on the book
so you dont have to ruin the book by making mistake in your book"

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